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  1. I'm looking to get a lamp for running the dog on and would like some advice? I live off grid with a solar panel for power so energy efficiency is important. I've got a few ryobi tools so had a look to see if they did a spot lamp. Would be great to have a battery that ran everything,( drill, radio, saw, torch and vacuum so far). Turns out they do and a pretty good one from what I read in reviews (American). Just wondering if any of you on here have any experience with this kind of light? Cheers
  2. Hello, I'm new on here... Well I'm new to everything to do with hunting! I got my first lurcher 18 months ago and he got his first outing on the lamp last night with a very experienced mate. Had I trained him well? Would he catch and run off into the night? Would he embarrass me? There had been a good, steady wind all day but, as has been the case alot recently it dropped after dark. We went out anyway as there was still some wind and the moon is waxing. Rabbits were thin on the ground and sitting close in so we moved on to a different bit of land... Same story! Tried one slip but the lamp was pointing one way and the dog ran the other! We moved on to the last bit of land hoping for better luck and just as it was looking hopeless, a suitable bunny showed up in the beam. My mate suggested running with the dog once we'd got a bit closer and put the lamp on it. That did the trick as Atta went hurtling towards his target at full pelt! The rabbit headed for the hedge, ran right, turned, ran left then through the hedge with dog in hot pursuit. No rabbit this time so called him back successfully. My mate gave Atta the seal of approval on seeing a good, committed run and we had everything crossed for the last field. Now Atta was following the beam keenly having learned it's value from his last run. We spotted a well placed bunny for his final run and again he was looking down the beam and eager to go. I slipped him and he was on that rabbits tail with a vengeance! Despite his best efforts and a heart stopping course, he didn't quite connect. Well we were pleased with his performance and I've had an offer of going out again with my mate with his two pups for their first session next month. Well, no Chilli con Coney (sorry, I've been waiting to use that one for ages), today but I think this could be the start of a new obsession!