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  1. Hare numbers

    I once counted 17 almost sat together,blowing a gale and hammering with rain,field might been 50 acres or more but they was all in one corner guessing taking shelter provided by the large conifers on edge of the wood line which cut the wind down,great to see.
  2. Can you forsee any problems

    Thanks for the info although maybe the way I wrote it came across wrong,im right handed no problems initially but found I couldn't hold the barrels up with my left arm with the damaged shoulder,nothing to do with kick,gun fit etc cheers lads
  3. Can you forsee any problems

    Completely agree,it was nothing to do with gun fit it was the movement itself of my left arm when mounting but thanks anyway
  4. I let my shotgun certificate run out about 9 years ago having had quite a serious shoulder injury,I had the shoulder repaired (rotater cuff)in hind sight I should have just payed for the 5 yearly re newel but there you have it I was more into my dogs if truth be known,would you think id have any problems reapplying for it again. Thanks
  5. Just joined

    Hi all,interested in all things hunting related but the dogs are main part of my life,got couple jills and hob so like get out with them when I can although poor numbers round here this year so left lot places alone to recover hopefully,did have shotgun cert but let that slip few year ago now but still manage the odd walk out with the air rifle helps keep the ferrets fed,always up for bit learning,never to old they say so here I am,thanks for reading.