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  1. Gutted

    Poor buggar at least he does doing what he loved
  2. Jim and Micky

    I felt sorry for him towards the end, you must be having a shit time to act that much of a bellend on a Internet forum like haha
  3. Looked into it you need a DEFRA license if you wanna keep one and everyone over here pretty much hates them and say they're f***ing up our nature, wildlife etc... I think us brits have to stick to ferrets, shame!
  4. Fox bites baby!!!

    Probably attacked by there own family pet and don't want it to be put down
  5. Well you pretty much answered all the follow on questions I had haha but yeah it looks like they are pretty nifty for your side of the pond and they come across as like the marines if the ferrets were the army haha, what's the laws about mink in England are they around over here?
  6. It's good what your doing with the mink and making your videos, very informative and interesting I didn't know anything about the mink other then guys who rap love wearing there fur and telling everybody it's a mink! They must be killed off in the thousands to make coats as they are only very small? Do you work with ferrets and minks or just the mink?
  7. Fox bites baby!!!

    Friggen wreckless baby giving foxes a bad name!
  8. Hare coursing on Jeremy vine

    Just so happend this was on the radio in My taxi earlier, talking complete shite and making everyone out to be a criminal
  9. Coming on nicely

    Cheers mate, I'll be looking for advice along the way as he is my first lurcher pup but I'm very excited to get started and train him up
  10. Coming on nicely

    All the best with yours too mate be sure to keep us updated with how the pup gets on
  11. Coming on nicely

    Sire is collieXGH and the dam is whippetXbeddyGH, what about yours fella?
  12. Coming on nicely

    Yours is nicer to look at I must admit but I've waiting on this little fella coming home
  13. Real un

    Got a real piece of history and hertitage there fella surprised this brute hasn't made it on to the banned breeds list yet like
  14. Real un

    Is there some bullX blood back in the line somewhere? Abit hench for a lurcher that
  15. Lost dog

    Champion well chuffed you found him I've been thinking about this since you posted it so you may have been worried sick! Horrible to think of the mishaps that could happen when your not around to look out for the little blighter! Bit of good news on a Sunday evening