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  1. Lowther

    Who is pie eater.

    Some amazing work that mate well done
  2. Lowther

    Dogs dinners

    Couldn't agree more mate the dogs are family in my eyes I wouldn't feed me bairns shite and I wouldn't feed me dogs it either
  3. Lowther

    Dogs dinners

    Just got some bacon that's about to go aswell was thinking of giving him that
  4. Lowther

    Dogs dinners

    They were about to go out of date, thought I'd give him a treat, what's the thoughts on pork is it too salty for them?
  5. Lowther

    Dogs dinners

    It was just a one off for the lad he'll be alright man
  6. Lowther

    Dogs dinners

    I didn't add the sauce I just gave him the ribs raw, so not so smokey barbecue ribs for young Bunard
  7. Lowther

    Dogs dinners

    Tonight's treat was Aldis smokey barbecue spare ribs, decent human food for the price tbh and it gets mine and young Bunards approval
  8. Lowther

    show me your collie whippet

    Not sure of percentages but my pup is collie greyhound beddy whippet, hes only 4 month
  9. Lowther

    Who is pie eater.

    Shhh I've just had a bairn of me misses finds oot am in the shed
  10. Lowther

    Who is pie eater.

    There's some mad sexual tension between guys on here, just have a little dabble lads we'll all think no less of you
  11. Lowther


    Up my end it's not uncommon like
  12. Lowther


    He's absolutely rampant with it! I've got fears over domestic violence with him he likes to beat her up before giving her a good seeing too!
  13. Lowther


    Accidental mating there's nothing I could do he won't let me get near his bird! The pups should be ready at the end of summer free to a good home! he's not even 3 month old the dorty little get!
  14. Lowther

    Another Pick up kitted out

    Making a young lad inspired here like, looks a cracking set up
  15. Lowther

    Is Lamping Unsporting?

    Tell is about it I mentioned it before we got him and she was like noooo it last dangerous outside in the dark! You would think she was 5 year old