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  1. Funny Joke Thread

    Do you know any jokes about corbyn. ?
  2. Countryside March 1998

    I went with the meynal hunt. It was a great atmosphere and looking back I feel proud to have stood up for something I believed in. Well done those who got off there arses.
  3. Tikka 243

    I've just bought a tikka 595 in 243. Can anyone recommend a suitable round for it ? It's a 1 in 10 twist and will be used for fallow and muntjac. I've heard they don't shoot 100 grain very well ?
  4. What do you think this is ?

    Get it mounted. Ted, we can't drown animals in this country it's illegal.
  5. That effin' 12 again

    Deker, I've had the same indexing problem with mine. Took it to the local gun shop who used to stock them when they first came out. They said they used to fettle them as soon as they came from the factory before they went on the shelf. You have to undo the allen key bolts on the serrated indexer and adjust from there. That's about as much as i know !
  6. New caller

    Fox pro all day. I've got one of the original fx3s , had it probably 10 years, before bushwear started selling them and it' still going strong. Expensive, but the sound qualities great. Not had anywhere near as much success with a colbri.
  7. Mossberg 500 .410

    Yes mate no problem. Put all sizes through mine.
  8. Cannabis oil

    Ok thanks for the replys, might just look at the hemp oil from Holland and Barrett.
  9. Cannabis oil

    I remember a thread on here a while back regarding the possible benefits of cannabis oil. The old girl next door suffers from various pains and has asked me about the above. She's in her 90s and doesn't smoke but seemed keen to try it. So... Can she legally buy it and are there any particular things she needs to look out for ?
  10. A24 Good Nature co2 powered trap for rats

    What bait have you got in it pirate, the one it came with or have you tried something different.
  11. A24 Good Nature co2 powered trap for rats

    Was going to buy one but my killgerm rep said hang on as there is a new one coming out which is approved for squirrel as well. He also said the bait it comes with is rubbish. I think they will be good for squirrels in lofts.
  12. New (ish) member

    Hi all, just returned after short absence having lost all my details, nice to be back.