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  1. Pups

    5 months old and starting to shape up nicely. Good temperament and easy to kennel, not like the two black fuckers I have, haha
  2. road bowling anyone

    Sure there was only ever good things came from the northside, bowlers hurlers, boxers, soccer stars, pigeon and bird men, terrier, lurcher and hound men If you don't believe me just ask any northsider, if you have half a day to spare, and the perseverance and patience of a saint. Northsiders are the undefeated olympic and world champions at talking and giving their opinions, haha.
  3. road bowling anyone

    He was a class act, out on his own. Good article Jigsaw, thanks for sharing it.
  4. road bowling anyone

    Denis Scully, I saw him bowl and saw him trying to loft the viaduct in 1984 with a 16 ounce bowl as part of the Cork 800 celebrations. Mick Barry was there the same day he hit the steel on the viaduct but never lofted it. There was a load of Dutch and Germans bowlers, they play a version of it. They were big strong men and they couldn't loft it. You couldn't do it now there were thousands there and the bowls falling from the sky, I don't know how someone wasn't killed.
  5. What Camera

    Thanks for the replies lads. Thanks C556, someone else recommended a compact camera to me as well. Any idea what would be a good one to buy? Thanks
  6. road bowling anyone

    Haha, that's a blast from the past Jigsaw. Great sport and still very popular around Cork, Armagh and other small pockets around the country. They used to even play it around Dagenham, when Cork lads were working in Fords. Some lunatics used to play and attend the scores, you wouldn't get them in a lucky bag, haha. Some big money gambled both on the stake and on the road. I often saw thousands on a stake for the big scores and the same gambled on the road. And that was when a pound was a pound. They always started and finished scores at a pub, which was very handy for the alcoholic gamblers, haha. Plenty of good bowlers up your side of the city Jigsaw as you well know, including a famous terrierman who was handy at it.
  7. What Camera

    Thanks for the reply, I'll check them out
  8. Old Pics

    Apologies I only saw your question now. The book is called By Permission of the Master by Robert Coville.
  9. What Camera

    Hello, I'm looking to buy a camera, mainly for family events, social gatherings, a bit of hunting/wildlife, etc. I'm looking for some advice as to what would be a good camera at a reasonable price. What should I be looking out for when buying and where is a good place to buy online? Can you pick up good cameras second hand is there any risk in buying second hand? Thanks for your help.
  10. I get a load of them in my attic each year are they any harm? Is there any over the counter product I could use. Do they just keep coming back each year anyway? Thanks.
  11. Traditional Pubs

    I used to work part time in a working men's club when I was a young lad in the 80'sand 90's it was some spot. Every Saturday we'd do big pots of bodice and crobeens, lads used be mad for them. They played rings, darts, dominoes and cards (45, Don and porker). They used to run buses to Cork GAA matches, have days out, did turkey and ham draws at Christmas, all that kind of stuff. Every Saturday night there was music, different bands, but they all played the same music, some of those songs are ingrained in my memory, I can't get them out of my head. That would be the women's night out and the women would be all dressed up and even the men would make an effort some wearing shirts and ties. The customers were a mixed bunch from University Professors and successful professionals to lads that never went to school or worked a day in their lives. But they were all equal in that place. One thing I noticed the well educated lads were useless at cards compared to the ordinary workers, they were no way cute playing. Thinking about it now it must have been their fondness for the drink ( a kind way of saying they were alcoholics in Ireland) that brought them together. There used to be some craic there, some ball hopping and slagging. As it was a club they could open on Christmas day and Good Friday the only two days in Ireland when pubs are closed. You'd think drink was going out of fashion, they'd come from all over the city and they'd be ten deep at the bar for the few hours you'd be open, mental stuff. They were some characters, a lot of them are gone now, God be good to them. I often said I'd write a book on the place but no one would believe the stories, haha. Edited to add, sorry about the long post, I got a bit carried away.
  12. Traditional Pubs

    The Long Valley is still there and still doing there thick doorstep sandwiches.That's good to know, has the high b changed at all It's still there as well, it hasn't changed either. The owner died a few years ago, his daughter is running it now.
  13. Traditional Pubs

    The Long Valley is still there and still doing there thick doorstep sandwiches.
  14. Old Pics

    A few more, please feel free to add any you have yourself