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  1. Rebel

    This season hopefuls

    Thanks, yea she's a full Russell. Yea she'd be perfect for the hounds, nice size, not too big, she has a good nose and is steady enough. Hopefully she'll have the heart for the job? You have a few crackers yourself, best of luck with them for the season ahead
  2. Rebel

    This season hopefuls

    Russell bitch, will be ready for the start of the season, hopefully she'll do the business?
  3. Rebel

    Keep The Head Down

    That was the plan Neil and what the huntsman wanted, but I wouldn't call her the bolting type. It would have been a nice sight though.
  4. Rebel

    Keep The Head Down

    Haha, sure what would you expect from a Southsider, haha
  5. This was a pic from our last day of the season, hounds marked on this steep bank, early in the morning At the bottom and along by the path is a deep river, which I fell into on my way to the mark. Soaked to the bollocks. As you can see, it wasn't the day for an early morning dip. To add to my misery the whole field were standing up over the mark looking down at me as I was getting out of the river. I'll tell you it was a long drag up that bank to the mark with the shouts and whistles from all the lads. Every cloud has a silver lining and probably out of pity, I got to use my Russell bitch and got a nice dig to her. I managed to stay a few hours more before hypothermia set in, haha. A good days hunting and a few more digs, finished off a great season for us, with hounds and terriers going well.
  6. Rebel

    Teckels Ireland

    Just wondering if there are many lads in Ireland using teckels in small packs to hunt foxes. How do they find them. I have a bitch here, knock a bit of craic out of her hunting the ditches and small covers. Wouldn't mind adding another one or two. Thanks
  7. I'm looking at putting in new kennel benches. The benches are for terriers. At the moment I have timber benches but there getting well chewed up and I'd like to give the pets a bit of comfort. I'm looking for ideas on material, size height, design, insulation,keep the straw in, etc. Any pics of your set up would be great. Thanks
  8. Rebel

    Beans again

    Heinz beans are good for your heart, the more you eat, the more you fart
  9. Rebel

    working dachshunds

    Thanks, mine eats and shits like a hound, haha. They're well able to put away the grub for a small dog
  10. Rebel

    working dachshunds

    I'd agree with you dymented, they are less hassle than the terriers. I have a teckel bitch and she is a joy to own and you'd have a bit of sport with her. Do they hunt well together in a pack?
  11. Rebel

    line breeding?

    Haha, I think you might be right. It was a very good thread, with some experienced lads giving a good insight into how they bred and maintained their family of terriers. And if my memory serves me right and my understanding was correct, I think foxdropper favoured the use of one stud dog over a number of bitches and then half brother to half sister, to keep and maintain the line. I thought this was very useful info and a good way to go
  12. Rebel

    line breeding?

    There was a good thread on line breeding that you made a good contribution to foxdropper. Can't seem to find it
  13. Rebel


    You keep some fine terrier's Shane fair play to you.
  14. Rebel

    To all the Paddys on here........

    I'm after picking my bit of shamrock and heading off to mass now. Straight back then heading out to watch a neighbouring pack for a few hours. Back to the local to watch the rugby match. Our closing day is tomorrow, at a good meet, so looking forward to that as well. If only every day could be like St Patrick's Day, haha.
  15. I heard a man say that he thought that some dogs got broke on the bench. It wasnt something that I had thought of before, but if it does happen, then maybe the use of pain killers when required might go some way to prevent it?