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  1. Is this a joke?

    I was driving down the road today and saw this on a billboard. The crowd involved in this carry on are some of the same types of lunatics involved in anti hunting. Each to their own but their not happy unless they are forcing their fundamentalist views down everyones throats. Where is this whole liberal agenda going to end up?
  2. First season dogs

    That's a sickner about the dog, hopefully the bitches will keep it going for you. This dog was kindly gifted to me as a pup and this was his first season. He started off very well and was shaping up to be a nice dog, but unfortunately his career was cut short. Gutted, but sure what can you do the joys of terrier work.
  3. Abbefeale Hunting Festival

    Did you go today Stonewall, how did the hunting go today? I'm heading up on Friday, looking forward to the day out in the kingdom..
  4. RIP Liam Miller


    Out with the hounds.
  6. RIP Liam Miller

    Very sad news, my condolences to Liam's wife, children, family and friends. A very difficult time for them. I'm from near to where Liam Miller was from and I remember when he made his breakthrough. It was a great time for Cork soccer and you had Roy Keane, Colin Healy and others who were doing well across the water around the same time. How things can change in a short time. It's a cruel, cruel disease. Ar dheis De go raibh a anam dilis
  7. Looks like a few good days hunting, anyone going.
  8. Let it snow!

    We don't get much snow, but this was a big fall we got before Christmas.
  9. RTE RADIO 1

    The usual suite, no change there. You did well to last tye 15 minutes (as the actress said to the bishop) Jigsaw.
  10. RTE RADIO 1

    Was it any good Jigsaw?
  11. How did it all start ?

    I started off with my cousin, who is a few year older than me. My first memory of him is coming up the road with 3 or 4 terriers after a mornings hunting. He arrived into his house, opened a tin of ambrosia rice with a knife and eat it out of the tin, and headed back off hunting. He still keeps beagles and terriers 40 years later and most young lads in our estate have hunted with him at some stage. I got my first terrier of him when I was about 8. I was also lucky enough to meet a few good lads along the way that helped me out with terriers and digging
  12. Irish TB.

    Cui bono? All herds in Ireland must be tested every 12 months. Who does the testing? You give an animal a vaccine thats one visit. You test an animal every 12 months for its lifetime, how many visits would that be for a cow?
  13. Bush Rummager's big book sale!!

    Great guy to deal with, sound out.
  14. Bedlingtons

    Thanks Topper, fair play to you
  15. Bedlingtons

    Great posts, pics and information Topper, thanks for sharing. You seem to be having success with it and I wish you all the best with it. What fell line and bedlington line did you use if you don't mind me asking. Thanks