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  1. Dog aggression

    I see these really rough looking fuckers with their staffies off lead. They always stay close to their owners and they're well behaved. I've always thought it was because they take no shit from the dog, correct bad behaviour quickly and efficiently, keep a really close relationship with it and probably feed it whatever they eat (albeit shite). It's such a natural, mutual understanding they have. It's the little fanny sniffers that go the groomers and get carried around who have the worst behaviour. That's why I'm here and not on some other site. People who work their dogs know dogs and a lot of sense has passed my way.
  2. Dog aggression

    I'm not experienced at all. I've read a few books and watched a few episodes of Cesar but this is my first dog. I heard lurchers made amazing family pets, no one mentioned how gobby they can be, but other lurcher owners I've met have said they've experienced the same lead aggression (or rather mouthy cockiness). I love these breeds but I feel a bit like I bought a Lamborghini to drive around a city. I love they way they look, I love their intelligence, I love their speed and I really do think they have a sense of humour (he likes doing drive-bys when he's off lead).
  3. Dog aggression

    He's never got hold of a dog. He barks, that's all. I've never seen him bite in aggression, ever. The times he has been off lead he's never sunk his teeth in.
  4. Dog aggression

    So, it's been a few days and I've been walking him at night when it's quiet. There's only been one incident. He walked past a small toilet brush dog a few doors down and gave out, I tapped him with the end of the lead on his head and told him to pack it in and walked on. There was no one else out so when we got back I walked with him up to the dog's house, as he began to whine I tapped him again and walked a few yards up, turned around and walked past the house again... nothing, not even a whimper. I don't know if it's too early to say it's a success but it's had a good result. I have to say I'm not into beating dogs into submission and I certainly don't think anyone on here is suggesting that, but a smacked arse or a clip round the earhole gives a clear message that I'm taking no BS. I also give him loads and loads of love so he knows he's my boy. You can't put a dog on the naughty step or have a word with them so something physical has to be communicated. There's no aggression in it when I tap him with the lead, it's just assertiveness and I really do think it made him feel at ease knowing that I was in control. Like I said, he's good in the house, a friend brought their cocker over and they just played, another friend brought her GSD and he just followed her around until he realised she wasn't playing then left her alone. It's little dogs or English Bull Terriers (the type of dog that ripped into him a few years back) he seems to hate. He's a handsome bugger ain't he?
  5. Dog aggression

    I can see it now: Madame Whip's Discipline Emporium.
  6. Dog aggression

    Energy can't be destroyed only transfered. Yes, makes absolute sense!
  7. Dog aggression

    Brilliant advice, thank you! You say feed him while out and don't correct him. Can you expand on that a bit? I prefer walking him at night when no one is around but I was told because they're a sighthound it's going to trigger their aggression more (but on the flipside no one is around so it doesn't matter), is that more gobshite advice I take it? 😀 I'm really grateful for the help, it's just been getting worse. I took him to Formby woods today and he was just a nightmare. What do you think about me giving him a belt? Would that just make the aggression worse? I did give him a smack when he was younger but he behaves in every way now except his sheer hatred of dogs outside the house.
  8. Dog aggression

    I used a nose harness, clever fecker worked out if he backed up he could slip out of it! He hated it, I tried having two leads and collars but have up on the halti and just used the choker right up too behind his ears. Nah, he used to run off lead when he was a pup but he was gobby and a bull terrier rip him a new arse.
  9. Dog aggression

    You're dead right, as soon as another dog comes near, my blood's pumping too. I try not to react but they pick up on it. I use verbal commands when I see his heckles come up and he starts to growl but he's already in attack mode. I know balls to bones the problem is me not him, I just need to stop letting him get away with it by the sounds of it. Stop being so soft with him.
  10. Dog aggression

    I use a half choker, would a slip lead be more effective? I keep him right up close but he'll still go mental and choke himself til it passes. He's amazing on the lead until another dog comes into sight. Thank you, I'll give some of the suggestions here a go and if there's still no joy I'll see about calling in some pro help. Cheers! Problem solved. Permanently 😉
  11. Dog aggression

    He is a bloody brilliant family dog, it's be a shame to think about putting down. I think the giving him a good crack might just work. I have him on a half choker and he just strangles himself. He's always been a very anxious dog. It's a feckin shame, I had hoped of going on walks through valleys and up hills but I can't take the b*****d to the shops 😥
  12. Dog aggression

    Hi fellas, I hope I'm in the right place. I don't work my boy, he's 5 and a great pet but he's a psycho on walks with other dogs. A few other lurcher owners have told me it's his hunting instinct and there's nothing I can do about it. I realise this might be a strange request here but I know you guys know more about this breed than anyone in the dog training scene. How can I get him to chill the f out on walks? Again, sorry if this isn't the right place but I thought it's worth a shot from one lurcher lover to another. Thanks, Emma.
  13. Hi!

    Happy New Year everyone. My new years resolution is to sort my dog out. He's a handsom, 5 yr old greyhound/saluki/collie lurcher. I don't work him, he's my best friend, but I knew you guys know lurchers insde and out, if anyone can help its you lot