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  1. Free to Good Home H&N Rabbit Magnums

    Sorry I forgot to mention they're in .177 cal
  2. Anyone interested in a 200 tin of Rabbit Mags? I bought them on a whim without realising they're for 25J rifles. A mate and I fired a couple each for a giggle from our TXs but apart from that it's a full tin. PM me if interested. They'll only go in the bin otherwise.
  3. scope question

    It's definitely First Focal Plane. The difference is that the reticle changes size with zoom which means the mildots stay true at whatever magnification you want. Yes, lines of the reticle get thicker, the further you zoom in which may become a slight issue with small targets. I have 2 FFPs. The first is a Chinese "Fire Wolf 5-15x50" which works well although the reticle takes a bit of getting used to. (£92 from AliExpress). Agood scope for the money. The second is a sparkly new Hawke30 Sidewinder 6-24x50FFP. A much better scope but a much bigger pricetag (£425 from Ebay). There is also a 4-16x50FFP at £405. I would say the latter is the better option as x24 mag is more than most people need. Kronos do some good scopes as do Falcon but if IR is important to you, check them out before you order as they don't all have IR at all (MTC optisans only have it on the longer, more expensive scopes. Also, some of these scopes don't give you the option of MRAD turrets to match the Reticle.
  4. Hawke Sidewinder 30 FFP scopes

    I went for the 6-24x50 in the end (£425 from ebay). I fitted it yesterday and tested it. Great scope although the glass starts to get a tiny bit milky at the upper end of the mag range and the reticle lines are a bit thick in the same area. Because of this, I would recommend the 4-16x50 model for air rifles. Turrets are spot on. Range markings appear to be pretty accurate but more testing is needed. Build quality looks and feels good. Ocular focus, mag and parallax dials firm but very smooth. IR is very good and illumination is even across the reticle. All in all, I'm very impressed except the price. If you want FFP you won't do much better in this price range.
  5. TX and Silencers

    Thanks for all the advice guys, especially Si. I decided to go with a TbT drop-in kit. It went in easily enough (I had to take 1mm off the end of the spring guide). I'll chrony it tomorrow and see how it does.
  6. TX and Silencers

    Thanks, I'll do that
  7. TX and Silencers

    Cheers for the info mate. I tested mine and and I am very happy with the consistency although mine's running a bit lower power (10.66 ft/lb). This is plenty for me as I'm more interested in accuracy (last week I shot a 5 shot group less than 10mm at 50m). To be honest, it's just the noise that irritates me and maybe the power will come up a bit with a better fitting spring guide and top hat. I have a lathe, so I'm going to have a go myself. If it doesn't help, how much did it cost for the work you had done?
  8. TX and Silencers

    I agree. I've got a piece of Delrin, so I'll have a go at making a new spring guide. Shame that Air Arms didn't think of it.
  9. Are there any comments as I'm seriously thinking about getting one for my TX. They are expensive but the specs are good. Any input would be greatly appreciated.
  10. I just fitted an Adjustable Trigger by Rowan Engineering because, as good as the stock one is, I have long fingers and there isn't enough adjustment for position. Anyway, It arrived super quick and fitted perfectly. Adjustment was a little bit fiddly but not difficult. Now the trigger is awesome. A bit pricey at £44 but worth it to me as I haven't pulled a shot since (kiss of death). I highly recommend it.
  11. TX and Silencers

    Stripped the TX down and found there's no room for a spring sleeve but there's a loads of play between the spring and spring guide (about 1mm). No sign of wear. Also, the spring ends looked like they'd been "Dressed" by a shaved ape. I absolutely love the rifle but I'm really disappointed with Air Arms quality control. Has anybody else had similar issues? I've polished the spring ends and relubed. It's better but still not good.
  12. FFP Scopes

    I meant that because of modern target turrets and ballistic calculators etc, you shouldn't need to worry about holdovers.
  13. Are FFP scopes worth it for sub 12 air rifles?
  14. TX and Silencers

    Cheers, I'll have a look around. There's a video on Youtube by "Shooting at Dawn" on the subject.