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  1. Fire Wolf Scopes

    Will do
  2. Cheap .22 Break Barrel

    I was told that FAC was easier over there.
  3. Fire Wolf Scopes

    Just received my scope today. I gave a quick tryout it's surprisingly good for the money. It's very solidly built. I'll let you know when it' dialled in and been used a bit.
  4. Cheap .22 Break Barrel

    Thanks for the advice guys. I picked up a sparkly new hw99s today from Redbeck. First impressions are pretty good. I obviously needs leading and bedding in (and I need tons of practice). I'll let you know how it goes.
  5. Cheap .22 Break Barrel

    Thanks guys. I looked at the HW80 but it's a bit more than I wanted to spend. I wasn't aware of BSA quality issues but I've tried their PCPs and they were awesome. I was thinking of the HW99s because if it is any good, it might be a good candidate for good tune up (maybe Sandwell Field Sports). Add that to the cost of a high end HW and we're talking good quality PCP money. I've bought from Redbeck before( both my other rifles). Do they let you try them out before buying?
  6. Cheap .22 Break Barrel

    Too true
  7. Cheap .22 Break Barrel

    Cheers guys, I was looking at BSAs and other HWs and it is 6 of 1, half a dozen of the other. I've already got a Walther PCP and an HW97kt so I want to have a good Break Barrel to add to the collection and let's face it, you can never have too many guns.
  8. Fire Wolf Scopes

    Has anyone tried these scopes from AlieExpress?
  9. Cheap .22 Break Barrel

    Has anybody got any suggestions? I've never fired one so I don't want to spend a fortune. I'm thinking maybe HW99 or Walther Terrus.
  10. Parallax

    Parallax is where the image you're looking at is not focused in the same place inside the tube as the Reticle. It shows itself when you move your head slightly, the cross hairs seem to move, and you appear to be looking around the cross hairs. The more the parallax is out, the more the cross hairs seem to move. You should set your parallax on your scope to whatever range you are shooting at (either the large barrel at the front of the scope or the left hand turret. These settings however are only a rough guide. Next you look through the scope and move your head slightly left and right, checking for reticle movement. If it moves, gradually adjust your parallax until the reticle doesn't move. At this point, the Parallax is properly set and the image should be pin sharp.
  11. Pellet Supplier?

    Hi I've used this company and have never had a problem. They are selling boxes of Crosman Premiers at around £19 for 1250. I,ve not tried them yet but they look good quality.
  12. Parallax

    If your Parallax is not correctly set, your point of aim will change every shot unless your head and eye position is identical, Adjusting it for each range will take out the effect of the crosshairs moving when you slightly move your head. Sharp focus is just a nice byproduct. There are tons of videos on Youtube that will explain better. There's nothing wrong with fixed Parallax scopes.
  13. Hello Everyone

    I only recently started shooting Air Rifles but caught the bug very quickly. I look forward to hearing from like minded people. BTW. Merry Christmas to everyone.