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    I joined the group to reply to a post re powers of the SSPCA in Scotland. New powers mean they can force entry to any building if they suspect an animal could be in distress. They can get a search warrant for your home easily by telling a sheriff an animal could be suffering. That gives them the power to force entry and seize anything at all in your home. Your animals are seized , taken to their kennels. You are told sign them over. Refuse and they will get Lamond vets, livingston (chairman of SSPCA)who will concoct a false clinical report. You get convicted and they sell highly valuable pedigree dogs to licensed breeders. They seize horses to order to sell on to riding stablesand that is why their Executive Stuart Earley was sacked. Their kennels are full of diseases and half the animals either die our are put to sleep and flung in knackery wagon.