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  1. shared Permission in Northumberland

    I have just moved from Suffolk so i don't know anyone around here. All my work with dogs as been in Suffolk. As my post did say.
  2. Hi All i'm looking for shared permission in and around Northumberland more than happy to Share any costs. I have previously had permission in in Suffolk but have now relocated to North Northumberland and looking for permission in this area. I am not a novice with working dogs i have previous experience with both Greyhounds and Lurchers have spent alot of my life with them, and as my name suggests I have good knowledge when it comes to getting them back from injury!.
  3. Slight limping after playing fetch

    If you lived local to me i would have had a look for you.
  4. Slight limping after playing fetch

    feel if there is any heat in the leg. It could a tear either the monkey muscle or gracilis. If it is one of these give the dog a massage and bed rest for a few weeks.
  5. The Mrs Pet Lurcher

    Lovely looking dogs with a good stack
  6. Please describe for me what a bone man is.

    I learnt from my uncle who learnt from my grandad.. so for me it was passed down over the years.
  7. Hello All

    Hi i'm new to this site but have been working with running dogs all my life. I'm looking forward to reading post and joining in on some of them.