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  1. Feeding 8 week old pup

    Raw eggs are best.
  2. Rabbits give worms?

    It it true that rabbits give dogs worms if you feed them to your dogs?
  3. Some people

    Think so cant remember tbh was a hairy one anyways
  4. Some people

    Some people in this dog game. Saw a lad selling a lurcher there that does fox single handed but reason for sale “ cause not hard enough for me” like whats he hunting , dinasors!
  5. Whippet v lurcher

    Nah its fine have a bunch of gayboys at home waiting for me every night
  6. Whippet v lurcher

    Ye all finished spooning each other? #hardmen
  7. Whippet v lurcher

    Ye and nice squatters that they cant miss
  8. Whippet v lurcher

    probably have another dog out so wont be going straight onto the next run
  9. Whippet v lurcher

    Well go out on lamp and slip 10 or more times
  10. Whippet v lurcher

    Would you leave a whippet till the same kind of age as lurcher before you really start testing it? E.g 12 months?
  11. Another out for a bit

    And during the summer there all fine everyday of the week typical
  12. Another out for a bit

    Another dog lame there today hard to get all your pack fit and hard and stay sound at the same time
  13. Out today

    14 month old dog
  14. Out today

    Is 14 months not a pup?????
  15. Out today

    Was out today doing abit and flushed a hare,pups first time to course in daylight and let off a few yelps while coursing, is this good or bad? missed him at the end but got a nice run.