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  1. My new double is brilliant.

    good bit of land you have there
  2. hello

    thanks for the welcomes chaps merry Christmas
  3. .22 Long accuracy

    sounds the same result as others have said on the internet. having never tried them myself hence the question. sounds like alot of velocity variation from what I can tell
  4. .22 Long accuracy

    i have never tried them only noticed people not having much luck with them. wondered if anyone managed to find consistent ones something around 15-20grain doing less than the speed of sound.
  5. .22 Long accuracy

    i mean the old long with lighter bullets
  6. 22-250 vs. 223

    very very similar performance between the 2. how is your local shop for stocking ammo in the 2 cals if your local ammo supply has a good selection of one and not the other that might influence .
  7. .22 Long accuracy

    has anyone manage to find an accurate .22 long round?
  8. RIP Mr magpie and Mr crow.

    my 12g chamber is rough as old boots really holds the cartridge good hunting there what range are you getting them with the new cartridges?
  9. hello

    good evening from the snow in matlock