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  1. Boxing At The Weekend...

    Yeah tough chap you got to give him that πŸ‘Š
  2. The Joe Joyce Song

    Big Paul a good fairplay man πŸ‘Œ
  3. Boxing At The Weekend...

    Bigfoot was never gonna beat joe
  4. Boxing At The Weekend...

    πŸ‘Œ Classic example of how to break a mans will, make him use more energy than he wants to, make him load up and miss just a real Boxing lesson from Bill there, quality πŸ₯Š
  5. Boxing At The Weekend...

    Bill showed Lemieux what boxing really is last night, dear ole Lemeiux, barely landed anything clean... I like Lemeiux he punches like a horse kicks, but that's no good if you lack elsewhere and can't set your shots up properly, which he doesn't You can't hit what you can't see boys
  6. The Joe Joyce Song

  7. Tyson fury

    Pride FC, some characters in that wasn't there πŸ˜‚ i liked Vale Tudo aswell
  8. Tyson fury

    AJ is just generally more stocky and bulky in a way that imo only HGH could give him in that space of time... In boxing young bucks do find there man strength, become strong and grow into the weight but not like that there what AJs turnt out like πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ AJ never had that mass round he's chest, neck and them bulky shoulders he was actually a lot more lean, hard to see him going from that to what he is now naturally
  9. Tyson fury

    Can see what you mean Rusty about the shape but look at some of he's early weigh-in pics, how much thinner he was in all areas, especially waist, that's what leads me to believe even more about hgh use I get what your saying johona but the size difference in AJ to when he first came about isn't to do with high testosterone and natural gifts b/c the change is too drastic, it can be done naturally if done correctly while full time weight training yeah, not naturally while doing all the boxing training. Im not an exp on gear but I do know many people that use and have used it and none class AJ as a "natty" as they say pure boxing training, even if you use a bit of weights here n there gets you lean, ripped, in trim, tones out your muscles , and trains completely different muscles fibres, it doesn't bulk you out like you are going to do a pose routine on stage , that's another problem of aj's I think he's muscle fibres work against him in the ring
  10. Tyson fury

    Disagree there mate Plus he's weight increase over the years would be very very hard to get naturally , especially alongside what's supposed to be full time boxing training I'm no expert on bodybuilding and gear but I'd say I've seen him with a distended gut a few times
  11. Hunting Cutlass

    Very nice handle that πŸ‘
  12. Tyson fury

    Innocent until proven guilty n all, an this is only my opinion, but anyone who thinks Anthony Joshua isn't juiced out of he's head is very naive imo All the signs are there, he's gut being the most obvious one, even some boys I know who are into there weight lifting & have used a bit of gear say they're more than sure AJs juicing Tyson got a long ole road ahead of him but he'll get there and I definitely think he'll get he's belts back, what ever happens outside the ring with any fighting man isn't half as important as what happens inside the ring, plenty of fighters in the past have overcome all sorts out the ring and returned to thereself inside of it AJ is deep in he's career now, has a big punch, a strong bullish style, but still shown signs that if you come with a bit of movement and boxing savvy you can make him a bit less dangerous, and leave him still looking for that big shot You can go round n round in circles about how you think a Tyson-AJ fight will go, but really n truly we got to wait n see, but nothing will change my view of Tyson getting a wide points decision, and always that chance of Tyson stopping AJ with a bodyshot when he starts to huff n puff, you don't need to be a big puncher to stop a man to the body at the best of times, never mind when he's breathing like that AJ doesn't have half as good a jab as Wlad n Tyson robbed Wlad of he's jab very early on I don't think he'll have much trouble doing the same to AJ , AJ will always be dangerous but I don't think he'll be quite dangerous enough, Tyson knows that ring better
  13. Boxing At The Weekend...

    fairplay mate Guess well just have to keep watching and see what the future holds for him will take a lot for me to change my opinion on him but good luck to him πŸ‘
  14. Boxing At The Weekend...

    Each to their own pal, what one man sees in a fighter another man might not see at all, or it might not be he's cup of tea, but I don't really enjoy he's work tbh, he entertained me last night coz it was a scrap but he's Boxing isn't too clever and he needs to start sharpening up, when you look at who's about it'll be very hard for him to get a British title imo, I can't see him winning a British title Any fighter with a pulse will be harbouring hopes of Sparking him coz of how wide open he was last night, that defence needs tightening up and fast, I don't think he has enough about him to make it tbh, can't see him winning a meaningful belt ever, early days an he's a young chap but last night shouldn't of played out like that for him , doesn't mark good things for when he moves through the levels ? what improvements have you sin, out of curiosity? Coz I haven't seen him improve on much, or sharpen up much , I dunno, maybe I'm being too hard on him but I can't see him getting anywhere near a British felt anytime soon and if he does win a belt in future it'll be one of them "versions" of a top belt nothing against him just don't think he's got what it takes, he'll need a lot more than he's grit to rise to the top
  15. Boxing At The Weekend...

    Yeah he needs to find he's own way, all through history plenty of fighters who's fathers have fought haven't been the same type of men and couldlve done well to do there own thing look at Julio ceasar Chavez jr for one thing