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  1. Hennie stag

    Like them birds mate πŸ‘Š
  2. Best all rounder

    I like a bull x for how it never gives in
  3. Parker vs Joshua

    Will be a good fight, Joshua will win but he won't have it all his own way, I believe Parker will box well until he gets stopped , parkers best chance to win is to keep on he's feet, use he's jab, which is looking very good in camp so if he can bring that to the ring the way he's doing it on the pads he'll have a better chance of setting up quick shots I believe Joshua will struggle with , and stepping in an out an using lateral movement for me Parker needs to move defensively straight after he throws he's shots , be as slick as he can as this will tire Joshua out , but he defenitely needs to bring more of a fight than he did when he fit hughie furY, you can go round n round in circles but for me I think Parker will box well for a few rounds then aj will find he's stride n stop him, aj won't want no more doubt after one of he's bouts like after Takam so I believe he'll be a bit more switched on here cos I think he knows himself if it goes to late rounds paRker has a much bigger chance of victory but I reckon aj gonna have him beat in round 8
  4. Boxing At The Weekend...

    AJ KO Parker in round 8 I reckon Parker can move a bit and this is he's biggest strength going into the fight, and he'll take some confidence from AJs fight with Takam, no doubt he rates heself a better man than Takam and thinks he can move-about to a points win Parkers gonna have he's moments but I think deep down him and that lemon of a promoter he's got no he's going to get stopped
  5. Festive Pheasant Pasties

    Looks well that πŸ‘Œ
  6. First blood for new catty

    That's it mate, good shot
  7. Last season

    Good birds you've got there mateπŸ‘Š
  8. Mallards

    Mallards are crafty little f*ckers, be off in a shot the first opportunity they getπŸ˜‚
  9. My young stag

    Best of luck with him mate πŸ‘Š
  10. My name is Lenny..

    None of the people in jp are fictional, it's like calling someone you know personally by there nickname, others may then not know who that person is, but it doesn't mean they suddenly become a figment of your imagination or any less real most names aren't very well disguised anyway , n I doubt they are supposed to be
  11. My name is Lenny..

    I remember reading some interview somewhere once that the author reckoned he'd lost all he's bottle for violence and felt by writing the books was he's only way to get him back, I reckon it to be a very silly move although he spends he's days in Miami now doesn't he
  12. My young stag

    Nice mate πŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺ
  13. My name is Lenny..

    'Ernie McPhoney' πŸ˜‚ "He ain't a real gangster in he's hiking boots", or something like that the book said, always made me laugh
  14. My name is Lenny..

    yeah, caused more sh*t than the first book, you will not find a copy of that book anywhere, and if you do come acrosst one it'll be very dear
  15. My name is Lenny..

    Course not, that'd be silly... book still caused a lot of sh*t though, that's why it's written under a pseudonym and everyone in the book is written as a "character" , except the dead, and certain times an dates are changed so the author didn't incriminate heself book is very much real with very real people