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  1. A Few Of My Hides Inside & Out

    They all look really good, tidy one.
  2. Out tonight

    tidy one
  3. Top up

    nice day out, well done fella.
  4. that is a catfish. yeay something I do know lol
  5. scopes

    ok thx dude.
  6. scopes

    £20 - £60 max
  7. scopes

    this is why I was asking, I have some cheap 6-24x50 scope that I can see really well through, I also have a hawke 3-9x50 sport HD witch are ok but have no mil dot and the target looks a bit small at around 30m, and I have a 4-12x42 witch I think are f****d but I can see ok with. so I was just looking for some help to find a scope that I can use that doesn't cost more that my car.
  8. scopes

    are these any good lads ? BSA Quarry King Scope QK6-24X50AO
  9. scopes

    what the hell is this the big lump on the scope ?
  10. scopes

    ok thx lads
  11. scopes

    what I am looking for is something that I can just bring up to the eye to shoot from 10m to 50m without all the faffing around with adjustments, or is there no such thing ?
  12. scopes

    lol x14 did not see that, thx all
  13. scopes

    Hi all, what sort scopes do you find best or are you lot using for hunting with sub 12 air rifles ? 3-9x12 4-12x24 6-12x14 or what ever
  14. A classic challenge. FWB Sport 127 .22

    tidy, well done.
  15. New BSA Defiant Bullpup

    I did not like my bullpup. lol