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  1. That effin' 12 again

    I used to own one gutted I got rid of it,
  2. Dog trace x20

    Cheers for that
  3. Dog trace x20

    Sod card? How much are they and where do you buy them? What model garmin do you have?
  4. Power

    The gzk white and red arrived today,I had seen some good YouTube vids
  5. Dog trace x20

    What model garmin are you on about the 100
  6. Dog trace x20

    On the garmin how easy is it to download the uk maps?thanks for the replays appreciate it.
  7. Dog trace x20

    £589.99 for box and two collars
  8. Sparrow hawk

    Baby vulture....lol
  9. Dog trace x20

    Has anybody got one? Considering buying one ,what do people think.its a fair bit of money so I don't want to buy something that's crap.opinions please,atb bushhound
  10. Power

    Thanks for your advice
  11. Lost dog

    Cheers for that,can't afford sport dog with two collars near as damit £800 .out my league .
  12. Lost dog

    £589.99 is the cheapest with two collars,
  13. Lost dog

    I'm useless with computers too,what's the chap on here that uses that one,I wouldn't mind his thoughts on how it performs,also how many dogs can you have being tracked on it? Keep me posted
  14. Lost dog

    Where's your new topic asking what the best gps tracker is,,,,,I want to know the answer aswell,!!!
  15. First camera advice

    Think I've dropped onto a good bit of look as it so happens a relative has a Nikon d3100 he wants to sell for £145!