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  1. anyone swapped the TIKKA 223 T3 lite standed stock for GRS BERSERK STOCK
  2. Morning out again.

    nothing wasted large freezer Ians wife knows how to cook the geese + he gives a few to good friends
  3. Morning out again.

    early finish again ian the next time take the ferrets and we will have a go ferreting to round the day off
  4. went out tonight on a small shoot farmer seen a couple of foxes so had a drive around accounted for a dog and vixen straight away they was a field apart the dogs main teeth where rounded off he was that old so farmer well happy
  5. Ferreting today.

    another good day Ian not the rabbits about like they used to be but still a good do with good friends
  6. Early morning Boxing day.

    another good do Ian i am getting the hang of this after 2 outings people say i learn too quick but you can never stop learning . (he who bares a grudge is the only person affected by the grudge) (quote Archie coats Brierley)
  7. had a walk out after dropping some bottles off for the farmers 18/12/2017 the lab flushed a few pheasants and a rabbit tried sneaking off ended with 4 hen pheasants a rabbit + a woody and enjoyable afternoon
  8. Mixed bag

    looks a great shoot and nice to see nothing wasted and helping the homeless and vulnerable top bloke
  9. Nice morning out.

    nice morning out Ian unlucky 13 farmer says they were back at dusk so should have a do again
  10. A few for the ferrets.

    another good day Ian cant beat bolting rabbits to the guns
  11. A day out.

    had a break about 12 as Ian and peter have more pies and sandwiches than gregs
  12. Crow shooting red letter day

    great day and even better shooting
  13. A Walk In The Dark.

    looks a nice set up ian
  14. Nice Day Ferreting.

    looks a nice spot you got there Ian did you take old John with you looks a good spot for a bit of fishing as well
  15. Me And Stuart Pigeon Shooting.

    another good do ian that is just short of 300 birds off this one field the dogs worked well again