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  1. Crow shooting red letter day

    great day and even better shooting
  2. A Walk In The Dark.

    looks a nice set up ian
  3. Nice Day Ferreting.

    looks a nice spot you got there Ian did you take old John with you looks a good spot for a bit of fishing as well
  4. Me And Stuart Pigeon Shooting.

    another good do ian that is just short of 300 birds off this one field the dogs worked well again
  5. Few Hours In The Bush.

    a good do ian a enjoyable afternoon will be doing that again that is for sure
  6. Afternoon On The Pigeons.

    all at the game dealers now
  7. .223 40Gr Vmax With N130

    where did you get the trigger spring ian cheers stuart
  8. Out Today A Great Start To A Good Week

    they still monitor jok
  9. Out Today A Great Start To A Good Week

    defo a woodie they ring them https://www.bto.org/volunteer-surveys/ringing
  10. well i decided to go take a look on some stubble fields and called for a breakfast a good start to the day .called at one of my farms and was having a chin wag. the farmer told me the pigeons are already hitting the beans so will let me know as soon as he cuts them. i had a ride about watching different fields for a while and decided to set up on a thick edge with a slight wind on my back the birds where feeding on a field i dont have permission to shoot but the flight across my permission .so i got set up at 1.30 after the rain had stopped the magnet was out + a turbo flapper and 15 pro decoys it was a steady day with a lot of young squabs. after 4pm most of the birds were mature birds must have been returning from the village gardens.had a couple of firsts for me today while on the phone to ian i shot a double single handed and then shot a woody with a ring on.the young bitch still getting exited but shes learning fast dropped 72 birds at the game dealers so a great start to the week
  11. More Pigeon Shooting On Barley Stubble

    some nice shots there Ollie not been out on the geese or ducks yet but will be doing shortly L G turf & president not so bad lad wont be coming on my perms this year
  12. Good Night Lamping.

    we have plenty to go at ian we dont do bad pigeons rabbits foxes and now ducks & geese and come game season a fair bit of walked up game shooting happy days
  13. Bit Of Pigeon Shooting.

    another great day ian with better to come
  14. Deer Blind Fox Blind

    its already sorted ian i was thinking of making a high seat out of old pallets but with my fat arse it wont take the weight plus the gas heater will keep going out