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  1. Rspca

    Oh jeezus Dymented, just looked over this thread, it is a sad case that an organisation with the word "Royal" in its title can do such things. The 'Royal' Seal gives them the idea that they are untouchable, police seem to view them as equals. In Australia we have had similar occurrences, and in one State the govt funding has been removed and they cry poor so loudly. I have had minor run-in's with them, and the Managing co-ordinator shits herself every time I pick up the phone, only one guy I have spoken to had any common sense but they contacted the local Council and that did cause me to have to dispose of two animals (goats) that were lawn mowers. Animals were fine, it was related to 'planning' approval when the Council found out, nosey neighbours ! The other some pet Indian Runner Ducks, again a nosey neighbour, those Ducks are still going strong living now for 9years, no bugs or mice in our yard (no lawn either LOL) RSPCA should have their 'Royal' Seal pulled for this sort of thing. Complain to the Queen and the Attorney General also, their RSPCA actions are a travesty to Animal Rights and Welfare. The VERY saddest thing is that they dont care and will not admit they have failed for fear of just losing face to the Public and having to be responsible to the Community. The loss to you and your son, I respect you sir.
  2. BH you are spot on there in my opinion. We have a BIG country and the native animals are in a harsh fragile place all over it. Few major predators and space to roam, make it a perfect place to breed up and damage what is there. Even our presence on the land providing permanent water sources that native animals use, give the natives opportunity to breed up into large numbers that need to be controlled. All these animals both feral and native are spread out and not so close by, only 30 million people and living mostly on the coast in cities, not that many actually hunt, so while we have variety, we have a huge amount of distance to cover before ever getting to the hunt, distance = cost + time, do the math. Those that live in the right places are blessed if they are hunters. Locally it gets as big as maybe pigs and deer, mostly goats and down. Getting land access is harder and harder all the time, its a trust issue because too many people have done the wrong thing in the past, and when its your private land... responsibility and trust is very precious.
  3. No I dont, have not had that opportunity, but I am told that they are pretty finicky, let you get close and then go you. Apparently worse than the Water Buffalo that inhabit the wetter area's of the Northern Territory. Problem is that solid cattle are bred in the same area, and it has happened that prize bulls have been dropped by mistake, an expensive mistake. All those area's you need permits from Landholders or Tribes, so they soon know who has done what and where, just dont rock that boat I reckon. That opportunity will come up in the near future, a mate in Darwin (NT) has offered to do a boys out week, Fish, Buff, Bulls, Pigs all on the list, maybe Donkeys, Horses might be there too.
  4. A couple of days ago I had a bad experience with a large gull, I think they are Pacific Gulls. Bugger snatched a squid from me when fishing, and I'm still a little peeved about it. Sling shot in hand next time..... and a pocket full of pink paintballs. Rats and Pigeons come onto the radar too as groups of ferals.
  5. Hi BH, thats interesting about the deer, here in most States the deer are also counted as Ferals (definitely in my State) but other States they are a 'game animals' and hunting is a little bit restricted. I dont believe they are doing too much damage to trees but do compete for grasses. Our 'Conservation and Wildlife Management' group have been asked to clear the deer from a forest south of my city Adelaide, pretty much all Fallow deer with a few reds, this will be done primarily under spotlight, shooting from 4WD's with groups rotating thru a few weeks. I would look forward to that, and bring a few home for the freezer. In the field we find plenty of goats in trees, they like the new shooting tips of branches, the places they climb to leave me thinking they have glue on their feet, until you see one fall then climb straight back up ! LOL Camels are out of control here too, open season targets, but even with so many, it is hard to find them without air support.
  6. I am a member of an organization in Australia that helps to control Feral goats in my State. Recently an associate went to the Flinders Ranges with a group of Shooters ( about 30 guys ), they went to an area in a National Park where their task was to find and shoot all Feral goats they could. This is about 4hrs from the city and done at the request and supervision of 'National Parks Staff'. The reports came back that in 7 days they 'culled' - 1400+ goats with some Shooters running out of ammunition. While this sounds like a slaughter, it is actually an important part of Conservation, as the goats are feral, and damage the fragile environment in the Park. The previous work of removing Feral goats in the Park allowed native plants to regrow and flourish and in turn that provided feed for the native animals but also allowed goat numbers to increase again in a few short years. While 1400+ goats seems like a large number to shoot and leave on the ground, it could have been much larger except that the larger males, females without kids, had all been removed for sales to markets, the value of these goats is some where around $5.00/kg live weight recently. If it was possible to remove all live goats to market there is a substantial pot of money to be made, but the country is very rough and not vehicle friendly. Are there any large groups of animals in the UK that require the same attention of 'culling' ?
  7. Can't Decide On A Fox Calibre

    Throwing a spanner in the works, an associate of mine plugs Foxes out to 200 meters with a 300BLK and a thermal scope here in Victoria. (Australia) Apparently a bit of a deadly combo on the farms around him too, Ruger American Rancher 300BLK using lighter projectiles, he does have subsonic loads too, those are used for Wild Dogs and Deer having a heavier projectile, but we can't own suppressors here in Australia. He owns quite a range of calibers and went from .223 to the 300BLK for the Foxes. Over here 200 to 350m is more the 22.250 range, another may be .204 Ruger, shoots flat and smashes foxes like the older 17 Remington. Good luck
  8. Dirt fishing find

    byron, thanks for the link, I didnt know 'side by side maps' existed, will try to find one for my part of the world and see what we can find. Earlier in this thread I mentioned a ring find in a Park, initially I though it was just junk but it was suggested to me that it may be an older ring, cottage made because of the style and inlay. I took it to a jeweler and it was suggested it may be a white gold ring and it was definitely older. It was found near the base of an old Gumtree about 8" deep, all this other rubbish was from the immediate surrounds and only a few inches deep. It's a nice find and just cleaned but not polished, as I did not want to damage the inlay. With ANY detector I use, I dig all targets, this ring came up as " ringpull /foil " on the Ace 250 detector scale so it was lucky I did dig it up, LOL my daughter would ignore it as junk.
  9. Dirt fishing find

    As a starter detector you cant go wrong, it is very intuitive to use and forgiving too, watch a lot of YouTube vids, go out and use it, come back and watch the vids again to learn where you may have missed out. After 4 or 5 outings you will get the feel for it and get better finds too. They say it takes around 50 hours to be good with any specific detector. But dont give up as it is a great machine the 250. We have 2x ACE 250's, MineLabs CTX3030, Mine Labs X-Terra 550, Garrett Sea Hunter and an older Whites. My 13yr old learned on a 250 and now uses the CTX, I started with the Sea Hunter as I dived but now I use the 250, the ACE 250's are a good machine for sure and some guys with more expensive detectors use their 250 as a great relics and coin machine. Another that is hiding in the dark with good reviews is an ALDI, but it is one specific model. It has only been on sale here in Australia one time, but it has even found gold in the Victorian goldfields, many guys use it as a 'keep in the car' backup machine - at $99 guys are not too worried if it gets stolen.
  10. Best battery for lightforce striker 170??

    Wouldn't it be nice if Light Force had their own Lithium batteries, at a reasonable price ?
  11. Dirt fishing find

    Terrific finds guys, wish I was there with all your history. Would you believe that I found a Roman coin in the middle of Adelaide in Parklands ? Considering that We are only about 200 years old, its a pretty awesome deal... Look closely at the pics, I actually DID find this coin on 1/4/17 in the Parklands, after our entire family of 6 pulled 4 detectors out of the car for an afternoon dirt hunt and carp fish on the Torrens. A Ministry that had a large tent with displays and teaching about history of the Bible had lost a 1AD coin and asked if we could look for it, 'of course' I said, the young one and I looked for about 1.5hrs finding everything but that coin, I concluded some a#@hole must have stolen it, BUT I did recover some replica's for them that HAD fallen into the grass, along with predecimal coins and silver rings and spendables. LOL My daughter wants to come over and do some detecting with you guys, she saw all the early coins, read the posts, and is now cranking up the Ipad to do map searches like you Chaff, of our local and yours. Great!! so miss 13 is going to hound me to go for a hunt tomorrow, as she is all G'd up now! LOL
  12. Best battery for lightforce striker 170??

    https://www.(!64.56:886/pg/LampingDog/shop/?ref=page_internal It's here. Also a review here of the 22ah
  13. Dirt fishing find

    What great finds, my daughter will love that post. Heres one for you - Her Grandfathers backyard turned up a 577 Snider projectile, the South Australian Police were the only ones to have that firearm as it was new at the time, we could ID the projectile as it had no rifling marks but bore size, type, length and mass place it in that zone - date around 1867'ish. The Police only had that firearm for 6 years before going to the rifled upgrade. The land was all bush at that time, no block divisions, the area was only just named Campbelltown for a Mr Campbell hailing from the UK just after that time, a social climber, but seemingly nice man, he died from a glass cut to his hand that got infected, also died poor. Two house blocks away down the street, there was a fire and the house was cleared. She found a military button, a tailors button, a coin with a bullet hole, and some bits - the tailors button was branded and from a man that started a business in Adelaide and was prominent in society, the uniform button apparently comes from a dress set of pants and the only uniform is in the National Museum Canberra, the coin with hole is unidentified as yet. The tailor had a picnic at around that year period for all his staff, family and it seems some higher friends 'near Glynde' which is where these finds were made. There was even a reasonable sized newspaper article about it describing the day and praising Mr J K Fickling. In those days it was not surprising to have shooting comps for entertainment, we wonder if that is where the coin with the hole came from ? As to the 577 Snider projectile we wonder if it was target practice, animal hunt on the side, chasing a criminal or even maybe an Aboriginal, as at that time in the colony there was still about 350-400 Aboriginals permanently residing in what is now the Botanic Parks of Adelaide. I have found an 1894? Queen Victoria coin in the inner city parklands in front of two German tourists, they were astounded, my daughter was ticked off! LOL She has since bettered that Penny find, well and truly. 577 Snider projectile Coin with hole
  14. hobart mincer seizing up

    We use mincers all the time and never had one do this. Both manual and electric. After washing before putting away, we lube metal to metal contact points in the mincer side with pig fat or lard, and if mincing/grinding something else that needs it to be dry, we wash and dry it just before use. - then lube it again after cleaning before putting it away. It is possible that liquid has got between the drive shaft and seal making your bearing on the motor drive shaft rusty, you should be able to see that if you dismantle the mincer side. If the bearing has rust you need to replace it and the shaft seal. You would feel grinding in the drive shaft if there is rust, when you turn it by hand. Maybe have both motor bearings replaced if you have that problem at the drive end. My 2c
  15. Dirt fishing find

    My appologies Chaff, I did not mean to commandeer your thread, is there a particular section or area where I can start new topics on Detecting ? I'm just new here again after 10yrs away. Cheers