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  1. Brightmoor Bred Dog

    And what we know to read too. Facts.
  2. Brightmoor Bred Dog

    All I know is what I saw and what I was told and off one of the old timers of these dogs . Ov the above person he stated that his dogs were crossed up , Russel. But the could be bad blood between people obviously. On his stuff the man who commented, I never saw or heard of white dogs in his line. Then , after a mating, I saw a white dog in a litter. Black and white I mean. He said it's out of the bitch, which wasn't his . He said that the Russell somewhere in there . Anyway years on , I saw the white one crop up, but not in my dogs as I wasn't breeding. He then states that this goes back to breay dogs . Sealyham. Maybe so but I'd never saw white ones before.
  3. Brightmoor Bred Dog

    Maybe. But not all the assumptions that people would have you believe is that is the reason for the white dog in the litter. It's not all the same reasons. But some would say it is
  4. Brightmoor Bred Dog

    That's one thing I don't understand with so called black dogs . As with some, there is no white dogs in there breeding or throwouts
  5. Half cross bull greyhound

    Yes looks like some stuff I saw pictures of some in Wales. This one from Ireland
  6. Half cross bull greyhound

    More of the bull than the hound. Very good dog around other dogs and stock and always up for it
  7. Brightmoor Bred Dog

    Out of all the said names and dogs and ones that go back to the same people or lines , I'd think brightmore would be of one that doesn't look bully
  8. Half cross bull greyhound

    Good post . But I wouldn't agree with what you say that a other cross of dog can be as useful as one at a hole unless it's just not one of them dogs that do it 100 %. I've also seen a bull cross greyhound or a greyhound cross collie or some simple breed doing the job good and being very steady near a dog . But as you say the bull has that drive and power and by using itself . Some of them dogs can make a bollox of things or not be around you when it comes to the time needed to be there
  9. Lump On Leg

    Got this lump took off me old dog today. It wasn't going away and I took it to a good vet who explained it wasn't cancer and when dog come on heat it grows . Id have put it down if the was something worse with it even though its a good old dog . He done the operation and the price was very reasonable. And thanks for your advice fd to do what I was ready to do and take it the vet
  10. A bit of cover

    Handy if your dog puts it to ground and marks the place or catches?, but as troyboy said, I'd find the hunt a waste when something can be gone out of the place and the dog is still inside and missed opportunity . Suppose thats the law of the jungle lol
  11. A bit of cover

    Fair enough. Maybe some can be tidy and helpful at it and have a knack for it .but some might never learn. You're right too , it's no use if a dogs too shy of it too and misses that opportunity. Just my little take on it , no panic