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  1. Boxing Day !

    The less said the better. Not that the nothing to hide. But what you say might be given against you in evidence. So I say nothing. Ta tar.
  2. Boxing day

    Goodstuff. Good to be in good hands too . Happy hunting
  3. Ffsake

    No just seeing it how it is . What do I need glue for ? Or a fkn parrot
  4. Ffsake

    And sorry the is a few, whatever breed you try for . All the best
  5. Ffsake

    Seems it near impossible to meet genuine terriermen in this way except a couple of Russell men. Oh well that's good enough ha
  6. The Fox

    Oh God.
  7. Boxing day

    Surprised that the isn't some great hunting posted . I had a marvellous day, a new adventure and other than that everything more than a tale . Shame just minority says I can't tell. Oh well, good on the hunters , the real ones
  8. Bert Gripton.

    I think it's been asked before and if the was any of his dogs left in any Russell's it would be about 5 % maybe. Other than that I was told same, may have been a great terrierman and everything else but when it came to breeding terriers, I don't think he was a great breeder in fact. And for all the ones who got name from selling dogs , well fk you , if anyone was on the same side but probably the same page
  9. Show Us Your White Dog's

    A white dog i saw dug too today done the honours. The real deal. Wish I'd took a picture. 👍
  10. Bert Gripton.

    Even around the eighties and ninetees the damage was getting done for terrierwork and hunting. The years before that it must have been different for the right reasons. And being accussed, it's the only law bysted enough to be the law that you have to prove yourself innocent and not the other way around.
  11. We all know that lord Orford put bull terrier into greyhounds at a later stage in them , and as the storybooks will say it gave the bull terrier colours in all there after and to this day , brindle, whites , etc etc
  12. How did the become popular?, because these lads didn't make them famous and then decade later and such , there a big faz . For good and bad
  13. The one I knew ov , was the only one about and the was other good lurchers about and the was good bulls of every sort about too . This bull hound though was known as the first one around this area no one was bothering crossing bull terriers to hounds or lurchers around there as such
  14. Bert Gripton.

    Fair enough. It was a remark I was told once by a lad who followed all that stuff in them days and had probably heard some statement of something and came to that conclusion and after the book in which he was a part of
  15. Bert Gripton.

    Wasn't it true , that drable turned against gripton and terrier work?