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  1. Bit of rough

    Took the the red dog out for a bit of rough shooting around home, put up two cock birds and a Woodcock I missed the fezzies and I wouldn’t shoot a Woodcock even if I could. Good bit of fun for him regardless of my empty bag 😂😂😂
  2. Bit of rough

    Good stuff, that’s great to see Mik
  3. Jeff Burrell - disgusting (allegedly)

    Don’t know the bloke and I’ve never had anything to do with him so I can’t comment but by f**k does he write some shite on Facebook 😂
  4. Bit of rough

    Fair play to lads with all rounders, I just keep digging dogs but three or four times a year I will have a walk out with this fella and the shotgun. I couldn’t justify keeping a gun dog just for the very occasional day, shooting isn’t really my scene.
  5. Ginger Beard

    Sorry I can't seem to attach pics to the pm you sent me but anyway this is the answer
  6. Ginger Beard

    If you pm your email address I’ll send you the pics unedited, I can’t believe he’s put on more weight that’s crazy 😂 I used to do quite a bit with him a few years back and he must’ve only been about 12 stone wet through back then.
  7. Ginger Beard

    Show this pic to G***** if you still see him BACON!
  8. Ginger Beard

    Yes i do, I’ll look them out for you.
  9. Jeff Burrell - disgusting (allegedly)

  10. Colin Didriksen

    There you go WILF mate you’re not alone 😂
  11. Ginger Beard

    TVH show 2012?
  12. Free Masons

    Just witnessed this bloke give a funny hand shake and get off with a parking ticket
  13. Free Masons

    GingerBeard does the bloke drive a lorry with a grab on it? 😂
  14. We tess and her of spring

    Good stuff Northenlite, that sire looks an impressive animal.
  15. Boxing day

    I don’t know that many “Beards” 😂
  16. Lurcher pup

    Pup is long gone
  17. Lurcher pup

    View Advert Lurcher pup Should make handy rabbiting dog. Scotland Need to go to a good home for Life where somebody I know can vouch for youand Advertiser Terry Ermann Date 12/12/17 Price £1,000,000,000.00 Category Working Lurchers  
  18. Boxing day

  19. Just the one pup left now

    Thats it, the emotional roller coaster of successfully breeding a litter from start to finish has come to a halt. The pups have all left now and gone to working homes and I look forward to hearing about their progress. For me now though it’s all about the bitch I kept and the very reason I bred the litter, onwards and upwards.
  20. Just the one pup left now

    Thanks STR I don’t have any breeding plan, it’s all about training and being a puppy for now.
  21. Boxing day

    lots of good memories mooching about up that way and the caves nearby
  22. Working dogs

    There are plenty on Facebook and instagram etc where lads are only too happy to share pics of their Hare/Deer/Badger killing exploits 😂😂😂
  23. Boxing day

    Yeah I know quite a few in the pic I went to school in that town too 😂
  24. Boxing day