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  1. Pups enjoying the snow

    Wrong time of year for pups
  2. Earth dog running dog

  3. I’m going through my fac renewal and fancy a rifle for roe, a few places where I go there are plenty and I’m missing out on some good grub because I don’t have the right rifle so I spoke to a mate in the know and he said go for a 22-250 perfect for the job, flat, minimum meat damage. What are the thoughts of others on here?
  4. Getting the smell of fox of your hands

    A girl once told me not to use hot water as it opens the pores and the stink will linger these days I just live with the smell from September until March. Have an occasional break when they stink of rabbit piss instead 😂
  5. Deer rifle recommends

    So when it comes to different ammo and the licence do I need to specify ballistic, soft tip, expanding etc?
  6. Deer rifle recommends

    That's probably my wording I shouldn't of said minimum but less damage than a larger round maybe........It's interesting to hear others views though, I thank you all for the input when it comes to rifles and shotguns it's not really my thing so I don't mind admitting I need advice from those with more knowledge.
  7. Deer rifle recommends

    Yes I’m in Scotland that was the first thing my mate said “as you are in Scotland you can have the 22-250 with ballistic tips that’ll do the job”
  8. New swear word

    This is pure genius
  9. New swear word

    Guessing you’re a vegan 😂😂😂
  10. Lamping in Scotland

    Stay out of East Lothian though, good dogs can be made to look stupid only the very best super dogs can catch there.
  11. Lamping in Scotland

    The protection wild mammals (scotland) act 2002 does not apply to rabbits and rodents they are exempt
  12. Little bit of puppy retriever work

    Yes it was D S’s stud dog
  13. Lamping in Scotland

    Perfectly legal pal, you crack on. The Act does not apply to rabbits or rodents!
  14. Little bit of puppy retriever work

    I started her at four weeks old with a rolled up sock the dummy didn’t phase her one bit
  15. Lamping In Devon

    What about that one in Devon with the team of lurchers one was a “run dog” one was a “catch dog” and one was a “kill dog” think he was called 12345dancing
  16. Quick spin out

    First time back out since having her litter 😃
  17. Little bit of puppy retriever work

    This is the pup’s Grand Sire he is a Collie/Kelpie. I can’t really answer your question on the Kelpie temperament I’m afraid as I’ve not really known many Kelpies.
  18. Little bit of puppy retriever work

    Collie/Kelpie x Grew
  19. Little bit of puppy retriever work

    Don’t mean to sound patronising but he’s a she 😂
  20. Bit of rough

    Took the the red dog out for a bit of rough shooting around home, put up two cock birds and a Woodcock I missed the fezzies and I wouldn’t shoot a Woodcock even if I could. Good bit of fun for him regardless of my empty bag 😂😂😂
  21. Bit of rough

    Good stuff, that’s great to see Mik
  22. Jeff Burrell - disgusting (allegedly)

    Don’t know the bloke and I’ve never had anything to do with him so I can’t comment but by f**k does he write some shite on Facebook 😂
  23. Bit of rough

    Fair play to lads with all rounders, I just keep digging dogs but three or four times a year I will have a walk out with this fella and the shotgun. I couldn’t justify keeping a gun dog just for the very occasional day, shooting isn’t really my scene.
  24. Ginger Beard

    Sorry I can't seem to attach pics to the pm you sent me but anyway this is the answer