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  1. My friend has decided to keep his bsa bull barrel, but wants to get it serviced and turned as its 10yr old... Any recommendations guys.... Thankyou
  2. Right, Rez .............

    Bloody ell you gotta be fast on here to grab a bargain (if it is the scope)
  3. Bsa bull barrel .22

    Yeah, my mate got Intouch with them either yesterday or today and said they weren't.
  4. Bsa bull barrel .22

    Thx REZ, it's for a friend but I'm sure he would,nt mind if I took a few pics...
  5. Footprint

    Seen this print this evening while having a mooch round the permission, just not sure what its off, any ideas???
  6. Whats everyone think to the Brocock Commander?

    I'm guessing you don't like daystate then...
  7. Whats everyone think to the Brocock Commander?

    Try before you buy mate, it's a lot of money
  8. Footprint

    That twig is probably 5"/6" in length...
  9. Footprint

    Roughly 2" across, I'm there again end of this week will have another look around the area, someone on another thread said its a dog footprint, but the owner has no dog and the area is pretty well fenced off, trail-cam in order I think....
  10. Footprint

    Really? , I know the owner does,nt have a dog but I,ll let him know there's a stray about, the owner breeds chickens & geese so he,s wary of anything about.. But Ty for that..
  11. Footprint

    Took this picture of this footprint the other day whilst out on the permission, but have no idea what it's off, anybody know???
  12. Footprint

    Cheers guys much appreciated, will let the land owner know, he,s already seen a mink after his chickens, might invest in a trail-cam see what's about...
  13. Footprint

    About 2"...
  14. 24 dot challenge

    Still bedding the streamline in so those shots will improve I guess, as for the rimmy I've never shot one 😔, but 24 dead rabbits...
  15. 24 dot challenge

    Think no.10 was a dodgy pellet coz the shot felt good, but the misses are me hard to shoot at a dot even at 22yds haha, fun tho... 😜
  16. 24 dot challenge

    Had to try it with the hw100, 22yds...room for improvement..
  17. The 24 Shit Shot Challenge !

    Well had to have another go with r10 .25 this time prone, wasn't happy with yesterday's haha... Still a couple of dodgy ones but I did take out a couple of daffodil leaves which deflected the pellets ☺
  18. Footprint

    Not had mi tea yet, let's hope there's more than one then, I,ll BBQ em 😝
  19. Footprint

    It's like a sandy soil where the ground has been dug up and relevelled....
  20. Footprint

    Ahhh right, I've looked up badger it's not that, don't think it's fox, didn't think deer have claws,not a mink or polecat, hav,nt got a clue....
  21. Footprint

    Not sure what you mean pal.....
  22. Feral Control

    Some goods shooting their CH... what do you do with all the ferals?
  23. The 24 Shit Shot Challenge !

    I know i took 24 shots and I still missed it.... 😜
  24. The 24 Shit Shot Challenge !

    Well decided to have a go at the shit shot challenge and yep defo shit haha, 22yds is the most I can stretch to in the garden so 22yds it was with the bsa r10se .25, two targets 2 different pellets.. God I need practice...
  25. The 24 Shit Shot Challenge !

    What about us sub 12ft/lb .25cals can't we play haha