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  1. Its ready for testing SI

    Looking good there , I dropped on of my t20 its the same make as yours , if you want to put the postage on it as spare and sort it out . ATB
  2. Its ready for testing SI

    Philpot You can use them as day sights as well , Delswal you could always go the anonymous route nobody will know you had an air rifle . keep the good scope and rings though . NATIONAL FIREARMS SURRENDER: 13 – 26 NOVEMBER 2017
  3. Hi Rowan , Clashmore turn right towards bona bridge Skebo estate , go down to the Mound turn right Morvich I think owned by a French guy . Al Fyeed ( Harrods) at Delny by Invergordon . Novar estate at Evanton . There are estates out towards Lairg at Rosehall ask at Invercassely Hotel turn right before river bridge . You should find some were in the Golspie Dornoch area if you go north its mainly deer . Good luck .
  4. Rat Patrol

    Get your self the figure of 8 clamp from clive ward and mount it on the tube at the top it makes the weight better to not one sided . Cheers
  5. Its ready for testing SI

    I found it better to mount the T20 on the top of the photon clive ward does a figure of 8 clamp that's ok . When I was zeroing at 50 yds I was shimming the rear mount you may be ok on your zero distance . Philpot for what your looking for the 6.5 is the one for your requirements . Cheers
  6. Went after those wiley Wood Pigeons again.

    Were you like the tree man
  7. Barrel burner ????

    Keep a look on the Stalking Directory there is a full set up 6.5 Photon and a Ward set up has just gone . The .25 with a 65 yd zero would be very interesting about 2 Mil at a 100 yds ,
  8. Barrel burner ????

    You don't say how your covering your ground Phil , Could you sit in a hid / vehicle this would give you a stable platform to shoot from , If you go this this method you could put small markers to help with the ranging and also put you in a position to work with wind direction so with zero wind influence it would be one less thing to worry about . I shot a lot with a 6.5 Photon this went between three rifles so may be you will have to concider setting up a rifle for night shooting there are complete kits being sold for £300 one now on the Stalking forum as people move on . Or there are scope add on's that would let you use the day scope and its recticle . Concider having a look on chairgun and seeing what zero suits you and think about working with the magnification on the scope as this alters the value of your Mils in the recticle , I can't see you dialing for shots in the dark so finding a suitable zero will work better . Your .25 are you using 25gn pellets if you could run them at 900 fps this would give you a cheap night rifle and not far of the rimfire plus not knocking the rabbits about .
  9. I read a lot of American sites were the tuning of pcp rifles are a great source of information this is a Very Graphic video of when it goes wrong ............ This Is What Can Happen.....
  10. Spa Pr900W Transfer Port

    Aaaah the word tinkering . Cheers
  11. Barrel burner ????

    Hi Phil I have a 22.250 and have used it as a pest control gun , the barrel burning comes from 40 grn bullets at 4000 fps for getting the Red Mist effect on small quarry , Used with 55 grn bullets at 3500 fps ish a great long range vermin rifle , targets out to 500 yds in comps very do able . and small deer . Every rabbit you clip at ranges you can head shoot will be head less and them body shot if having to clear them will be ruined . the bullet weight and velocity on small framed game is only going to end one way . The .22 of a bipod is a better option or a 25 cal pcp set up properly would be a good bet , I have killed rabbits head shot with a .22 pcp at all rimfire ranges as with all these distances that interest us is wind , 300 yd rabbits with the 22,250 very do able but with 2 mil of wind do you want to wound it ? Get them out to 100 yds and shoot them with the smaller slower cals and you could head shot them with no damage . a 25 cal with 30 plus grn at 900 fps would be very interesting . ATB
  12. Viper Pst Mrad Or Moa

    What your recticle increments are in should dictate your turrets , if you can range in meters go with the same recticle and turrets , then if you want to get really out there go FFP very simple to gauge the follow on shot . But in saying all that with chair gun you can mix and match so it would depend in what the scope usage would be for .
  13. Depending were you live there plenty of estates that you could call on and get fixed up .
  14. Yes , Mcleods speak to the guy in the gun room ,
  15. Nip and have a word down at Winkies Tain .