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  1. Greyhound bitch

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    Looking for greyhound bitch


  2. Greyhound bitch

    Greyhound bitch View Advert Looking for greyhound bitch Advertiser Elchapo Date 17/02/18 Price Category Working Lurchers  
  3. A message from Gnasher.

    Your all going on like he's the king.get out the mans arse. He's a criminal he's doing his time like thousands of other men
  4. Lurchers That Tree ???

    Terrier blooded dog .apparently they are crosses of smooth fox terrier,old white smooth terrier ,jack Russel type terrier that the old English and Irish minor immigrants took over .they were also used in the rat pits when gambling was rife .the black mouth cur dogs are a nice type dog wich are made up of hound and herding type dogs as well as some of the native dogs
  5. Best outcome for public and the deer was for it to be dispatched out of view of the public .there was police presence there surely they could of sent all the onlookers up the street while the deer was dispatched.letting that stag out of that garden could of caused a big road traffic accident causing loss of live to innocent road users .safest thing was to dispatch it there and then but not in front of a huge crowd of crying anti,s
  6. Lurchers That Tree ???

    There has been a couple caught in the uk which are just escaped pets.the law in the uk now states that any raccoon pet has to be neutered.
  7. conibear pans

    Conibear traps are lethal when used correctly but conibear traps are LETHAL when used incorrectly
  8. How much ?

    500 pound for a working terrier is nothing . By time you got a pup 250 ,inoculated 50 feed it for 12 month before you even tried it your well over 500 .
  9. Lurchers That Tree ???

    Just out of curiosity what would be the price of shipping a dog from the states and what price do squirrel dogs fetch over there
  10. Spaniel X Running Dog

    Think a spaniel whippet or a spaniel x lurcher (21 tts) would make an ideal mooching dog for someone who does a lot of daytime work around sets ,be it ferreting or trapping snaring and every little bit on the lamp. be ideal for a ferreting man who worked hedge rows /reed beds / wood lands
  11. Lurchers That Tree ???

    Plenty of lurcher will tree squirrels.once a dog has had a nip of a squirrel I find that the dog has a real desire to destroy every squirrel they see which makes for some good viewing
  12. I bet there's a couple of lads on here doing that
  13. New layout

    What's going on
  14. I was then about to say. Yes I have found a local range. They have days for beginners on the first Saturday in the month so I will bite the bullet and go. I just find it daunting but it's got to be done. Will post how I get On.good luck
  15. Ask at gun shop if there is a local gun range for pellet guns you'll meet like minded people and be able to try out different guns.