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  1. hard terriers

    This bloke hit the nail on the head while you lot are busy arguing like women as usual 🤣
  2. hard terriers

    I didnt think it was that bad 😐 got a 8 day ban for that. Ther is a thread just about badgers. Pictures of badger hunts?

    Quality this thread is
  4. First dig in snow this year

    Whats a season?
  5. Staffy Bull

  6. Do you need permission to shoot Every wher legally. I've got forests and stuff around me a woods by the train track but I don't think it's owned by anyone in particular and allotments with plenty of rats but I think the council own that. Would the council give permission. And whatvwoukd happen if someone was to see me shooting pigeon do do you think they'd ring the old bill.
  7. Hey

    Hello. And good luck!
  8. Brian Nuttall

    By the sounds of what I've been told no one does take you seriously you just slag each other off like women
  9. Brian Nuttall

    I see wher this going lol good one lads
  10. Brian Nuttall

    your really trying to get a bite out of us Irish lads. You've called us spuds paddy's p***y scum b*****ds. Now your on about Ira bombing Birmingham. There's a lot Could be said and commented back but nope. Not happening kiid I was out of order but someone starts saying they feel sorry for your kids and you see red saying shit about my kids was out of line. I didnt think the ira was a no go subject in Ireland But now I do
  11. Brian Nuttall

    No I'm not I don't know anything about the history of Ireland or Irish people or anything about English history I got kicked out of school when I was 14 I don't know a fat lot tbh. Sorry for offending you again. I will just keep my mouth shut now and no thanks mate I don't trust none off you. I don't want a free dog I wanted to find out about pups
  12. My First Post Into This Community!

    Now camping thers something I'm not a newbie at lol
  13. Brian Nuttall

    . I am sorry if I offended anyone. I do speak before i think. As for the patterdale I've been given some advice now how to check for a healthy pup that's all I was after. I was genuinely just curious about the digging forget I asked ok.