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  1. Wheatens

    There's still some decent ones about you just don't hear about them. The men that have them don't seek fame or fortune.
  2. Wheatens

    Spot on.
  3. Wheatens

    Just because you don't hear of any other lines doesn't mean there not there . You can't find them on the internet. And I've no interest in meeting the man or seeing his dogs . I'm not into wheaten x's.
  4. Wheatens

    I don't put pictures up. That's all you're interested in. I'm in to the working side of things.
  5. Wheatens

    I answered your questions. The only lads you no are the ones that post pictures on your Facebook page. I bet you haven't seen any of there dogs WORK.Your getting info from one person . And I wouldn't believe everything I was told. Its only a wheaten x cross you have . Who gives out wheatens to people that can't even work them ?
  6. Wheatens

    That's up to them if they want to put pictures up. I don't put any up. You wouldn't no the breeders and I wouldn't put names on a website . My comment is true there's more than one breeder with them. What would you no about wheatens you've only had one and it's still a pup. You don't even have the game to work Her. You're another dreamer. 😩😩
  7. Wheatens

    I don't share pictures. I work my dogs and there well tested , the whole way back. As for the breeding you wouldn't no it. Have you ever seen any work? Or did u just get one for the sake of it? And Theres plenty of working lines . The men that have them won't put them on a website.
  8. Wheatens

    There's plenty of good WHEATENS about if you no were to look and every bit as game. Seeing plenty of work EVERY WEEK .
  9. Pups

    They couldn't be patterdales. There's something else in them