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  1. up the hills of northumberland

    Lovely bit of land you have to work your dog on did you get many rabbits bolting
  2. A few this morning

    Nice bit of land you have the dogs work well together looks like you had a good day
  3. Went out last night got three for three runs in the most bottomless fields i have ever walked
  4. Alternative lamp

    Went out lamping last night with my mate he has a 170 now because that cheap lamp melted don't get one it only lasted three months
  5. Alternative lamp

    Aye but it does not go as tight as the 170
  6. Alternative lamp

    My mate uses one its not bad for the money the beam is not as good as the tracer 170 but if its just for the bunnies there spot on
  7. Sunday stroll....

    Probably best that you left the leads on they will have young in there bellys now but it would have been tempting to slip the dogs
  8. shared Permission in Northumberland

    Good luck with your search mate
  9. Gutted

    Gutted for you and the lad rip fern
  10. gotta get out while you can

    Hope you and your family are better soon and all the best for the new year
  11. Same score as the first picture but on a different night this hare was also shot by the gamekeeper and retrieved by my bitch
  12. Thanks mate I try to keep her fit and healthy i have her out most weekends if the ground not frozen
  13. This is my bitch from Mike brown lines the Hare was shot by the gamekeeper and retrieved back to hand by my bitch
  14. bunnies are back

    Nice bitch mate looks the same as mine what lines is she from mine from mick brown lines I work her on the lamp she a cracking little bitch taken a few long ears this season some people don't give them the credit they deserve