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  1. Pups first season

    Looks a good strong dog he looks in great shape should do well for you
  2. advice on when to breed my bitch

    Al just go with my vets advice i was only wanting to know when she would stand for a dog
  3. advice on when to breed my bitch

    I have not bread dogs before so how would i no when the best time for breeding is. I spoke to my vet today and he advised to try between 11th and 14th day of her season i am only breeding her so I can keep a bitch for myself
  4. advice on when to breed my bitch

    Had a look on the Internet and my vet can do a test to see when she is ready to stand thanks for all the help!!!
  5. advice on when to breed my bitch

    Great advice delboy that helps
  6. My bitch has come in to season to day how many days should i wait to put a dog on the back of her ?
  7. Rabbit shooting for food in cornwall

    Welcome to the site Just go and knock on a few farmers doors and ask for permission to shoot on their land it's the only way you will get permission good luck in your search
  8. No Rain

    The ground nice and soft up here in Northumberland had some good nights out on the lamp
  9. Left To Rot In The Feild

    Don't know who's permission it is mate
  10. Left To Rot In The Feild

    To be shot and left to rot where's the sport in that at least running them with a dog they have a chance to get away pisses me off when people just kill stuff and leave it behind that's not hunting
  11. Went out this morning after finishing night shift for walk around some fields next to where i live seen six dead rabbits in one field and two dead long ears two fields over all of them shot in the head and left to rot what a bellend leaving good meat to rot
  12. First Pup - Skye

    She is just been a pup she will grow out of her bad habits my whippet was the same when she was a pup try not to get frustrated with her all she will want to do is run round like a nutter and explore because every thing is new to her good luck with her am sure she will smash the bunnies for you in good time
  13. She’S Getting Better

    I run my ped whippet on the long ears on the lamp she's 19.5 tts and she has had a few this season i let her race a couple of long ears a night and then put her back on the bunnies to keep her keen
  14. Leg Removed

    c**ts like that make me f***ing sick to my stomach someone will know who that dog belonged to someone should snap his f***ing legs and string him up to a post in the middle of nowhere for a day or two
  15. The New Season

    Had my bitch to the vet on Friday just gone to get her stitches out got two new farms to do while she been out of action they have a good few bunnies on them and a lot of hears so al be hitting them this weekend with one of my mates no barbed wire fences up there just hedges should make for a good nights lamping