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  1. Buffalo Up Close

    That is not entirely true. Yes it is great if you can find a bull that has completely closed up boss, but it doesnt always happen. It all depends on the genetics of the bull. Some bulls will never close up on top, but that doesnt mean it is not a good bull. Yes you always want something with a completely hard boss, but they dont always come together completely.
  2. Savanna Hunting Safaris 2018 pricelist

    The 10% discount is the deal I offer...these prices is our prices for next year, but if you book and pay a deposit of 500€, you get a 10% discount...with the packages you just pay the animals you shoot, so if there is an animal in a package that you dont shoot, you dont pay for it. The package price includes your daily rate and the animals listed, so the only extras is your plane tickets, extra animals hunted and the dip and ship of your trophies. The prepping and shipping of your trophies are in the hands of the taxidermist. He will talk to you directly when he receives your trophies.
  3. Halo everyone, here is our pricelist for 2018. We have a deal that we are offering to anyone that would like to book a hunt with us next year. If you book and pay a deposit for a hunt with us for next year, you can deduct 10% of all our prices, even the hunting packages, exept the hunting permits.
  4. Buffalo Up Close

    Haha yes maybe they just dont work very much with either horn...a bunch of lazy, hard headed cattle...but yes joking aside, I am honoured to be able to experience all of this.
  5. Buffalo Up Close

    Just got home after a hunt, and could get some pictures from a hide of some nice bulls
  6. Favourite Big Game Animal

    Some good heads there. The lechwe we looks especially big? Thank you very much...yes that was a very nice lechwe, with a very good curl on his tips. Sometimes you get then very high on the head, but the tips dont curl all that much
  7. Buffalo Up Close

    It is a pleasure. Yes it is amazing how nature works
  8. African Hunt Package

    Halo guys, we do have open dates for next year and we are taking bookings. If Africa have been a dream of yours, dont miss out.
  9. Buffalo Up Close

    Yes they are all different animals. Well I suppose all of them are "right horned", like us, they also have a preferred side. Like I am right handed, it is the same with them. They fight and rub using the preferred side the most, causing them to wear of one side more. But in some cases they just break that horn clean of.
  10. Some old brute bulls from our hunting area
  11. Management Hunts

    We have 6 management packages for this year. Client can take whatever he or she wants from the animals they shoot. I have 2 packages of each left, but we have to sell 4 packages on one hunt. So this is the perfect opportunity for a couple of friends to come to africa and experience the unforgettable... Package 1 1x Zebra 1x bluewildebeest 2x blesbuck 2x impala 5x full hunting days Total 2350 euro Package 2 1x black wildebeest 1x blue wildebeest 2x blesbuck 2x impala Total 2350 euro Package 3 1x red hartebeest 1x blue wildebeest 2x blesbuck 2x impala total 2350 euro
  12. Man looks like alot of fun...hope you get that big one
  13. Buffalo Hunts

    We have some open dates for 2017 and also take bookings for 2018. Join us for you ultimate big game hunt. Buffalo bull (management) 6800 euro Buffalo bull (trophy) 8250 euro Buffalo cow 2890 euro Daily rate 250 euro per hunter per day 150 euro per observer per day All the buffalo we hunt is old animals and bulls will have a hard boss, whether you hunt a management bull or trophy bull, you will always shoot an old bull. Daily rate include all permits, accommodation and meals. Drinks and table wine. Transport from and to OR international airport, field preparation of trophies and transport of trophies to taxidermist
  14. Hallo everyone, here is one of our very popular packages, and we still have some open dates for 2017... 7 full hunting days (8nights accommodation in our lodge) 1× bluewildebeest or black wildebeest 1× impala 1× springbuck 1× blesbuck 1× warthog or grey duiker Total 3250euro Package includes Accommodation for 8 nights in our camp, 3meals a day, transport to and from OR tambo international airport, drinks and wine, field preparation of trophies, trophy transport to taxidermist, licensed ph and above mentioned animals, all permits Excluded from package extra animals killed or wounded, pre and post hunt accommodation, alcoholic drinks, flight to South Africa, gratitudes, taxidermy work Other animals can also be hunted and non hunters rate is 150 per person per night
  15. Favourite Big Game Animal

    Just some other animals we do hunt...ofcoarse we dont only hunt the dangerous ones