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  1. Whats The Best Boot

    I'm using Kenetrek boots for my elk hunting trip, great boots IMO. You can visit this page for reference: https://archerytopic.com/best-elk-hunting-boots/
  2. Hey guys, I just published this article about 17 Tips for Bow Hunting Deer, but wanted to share a short-and-sweet version here. Tip #1: Scout 1000s of Acres for White Tail at Once (45 minutes) Tip #2: Get Acquainted with Low Light Shooting (1 Day) Tip #3: Purchasing a Used Bow For Half Price (30 minutes) Tip #4: More Precise Aiming with Consistent Breathing (2 minutes) Tip #5: Practicing A Perfect Stance (5 minutes) Tip #6: Practicing with Broadhead Arrow Without Destroying Your Target (2 hours) Tip #7: Putting Trail Cameras to Increase Your October Odds (1 Day) Tip #8: Good Form for Shoot Better (45 minutes) Tip #9: Pinpointing Deer Spot with Right Bowstand (3 hours) Tip#10: Tracking Buck Locations When Acorns Dropping (5 hours) Tip #11: Utilizing Mock Scrapes (1 hour) Tip #12: Attract Deer to Your Decoy Easily (45 minutes) Tip #13: Reducing Your Scent to Get Closer to Whitetail (2 hours) Tip #14: How and When to Use A Deer Call (5 minutes - 2 hours) Tip #15: Maintaining Your Level with Bowhunting Drills (2 hours) Tip #16: Master Thermal Winds to Setup an Ultimate Ambush Location (20 minutes) Tip #17: Growing Up Your Skill with Hunting Partners (1 week) Here's the full version: https://archerytopic.com/bow-hunting-deer/
  3. Think He's Hooked!

    Brilliant lad with amazing memories.
  4. For Sale.. Handmade Knives

    I love handmade products, nice job anw
  5. A Couple Of New Ones

    Nice knives, I love the last (3rd) one.
  6. Free!

    Where are you, mate ? Looks like a good offer.
  7. Shooting Partner

    what a shame, I'm hunting with my compound bow. Good offer, btw.
  8. Looking To Hunt In England/uk

    I hear that hunting in UK is illegal, mate.
  9. What Got You Into Hunting?

    In my case, it comes from my dad. He taught me how to use a recurve bow when I was 10. I'v still kept it as a memory gift.
  10. Compound Bow Maintenance

    Thanks for your tips. My compound bow is quite new, but have to save it just in case.