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  1. New Dog Aggression?

    thanks for all your help this far. I was just wondering if you would mind expanding slightly on what you mentioned on the post earlier. All advice and insight is welcomed. Thanks, Luke
  2. New Dog Aggression?

    The site won't allow me to message you in a personal message
  3. New Dog Aggression?

    Thank you for that advice. I'll take that all in to account andStart working with these ideas. Would it be possible to pick your brains a bit more please over a private message?
  4. New Dog Aggression?

    He is 3 years old, is that too late to get him in to the working dog training, even if he doesn't go on shoots potentially? He came from a home where he was a pet and didn't really do a great deal from what I gather. Thanks for he tips!
  5. New Dog Aggression?

    Brilliant way of explaining. Thank you!
  6. Barf Feeding Plan!

    Thanks for that. I'm off to the butchers today!!
  7. New Dog Aggression?

    Thanks for the replies. I am getting him booked on to a gun dog training class so hopefully hat will help. I had a trial period but he didn't show any of the behaviour he is. It's not aggression as running towards people and what you mentioned. It's growling and showing teeth so I just let him be for the time being and stop what I was doing. Thanks for the advice, I'll look to getting him working as soon as possible. Any advice for me at all regarding the training for him? I appreciate your help and advice.
  8. Hello, New Member!

    That may be in a few weeks! I was looking at getting him to the beach!
  9. Hi, as you may have seen over on the new members page I have just rehomed a springer spaniel. He is great, the only thing is that he is growling at people or dogs when they come near me. I have talked to a dog behaviourist who I know and she says that it sounds like he is resource guarding. Have any of you more knowledgable owners experienced this? Also he hates anything grooming related, any advice on getting him less terrified of being brushed or nails clipped etc? Thanks in advance, Luke
  10. Hello, New Member!

    Thanks, I am looking forward to getting him all trained up and happy!
  11. Hello, New Member!

    Hi I'm from newmarket. That would be great thanks. Not done it before but I'll give it a go!
  12. Barf Feeding Plan!

    Hi, as you may have seen in my other post I'm new to all of this and am after a little bit of advice in relation to feeding my new spaniel. He is 3 years old and has put on a bit of weight since being with me and is now up to 14.6kg. He is on dry food at the minute but isn't that keen and canned food, after doing a fair bit of reading I like the idea of raw feeding. Just after some advice on a regime for him to be on, what do you tend to do with your raw feed diets. As wel as where is the best types of places to get good quality food for a reasonable price. Looking forward to the advice Thanks, Luke
  13. Hello, New Member!

    Hi, I'm luke. I have just rehomed a 3 year old springer spaniel male (Albert) who was in a pretty bad way. Severe chronic ear infections, underweight and just overall not the best shape he can be. I've had him for a week and am looking to potentially get him gun dog trained, and move him towards that side of things. I've got a fair few questions and may need to pick some brains so hoping you can all help! Thanks, Luke