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  1. Garden Ratting

    I only put the odd little bit of bait out now at dusk just so I can check in the morning if they're still active down there, I spied this one out the window when I was making tea and decided to try and lure him out haha. I got one parent a few weeks back bud and it seemed to make them extra skittish after that's why I'm try more liquid/paste baits. Got this one on just a little pile of wheat I use to fill the feeders, was strutting round my garden like he owed the place, his sense of entitlement was short lived... must have caught him in the jugular too cause it was a wierd back of the head angle shot.
  2. Garden Ratting

    Finally got one, just a head poking out from the wall, thought I'd missed for a few seconds, then he rolled out stone dead. Hit lower than I intended, shooter error.
  3. Baiting Rats

    I was just looking at them the other day I may have to try one of nothing's comes up with the methods I'm trying now, solid and liquid bait. They're going for both but so damn skittish they won't sit still for a spilt second. I'm currently laid just inside the doorway resting on my gun bag awaiting my scaley tailed adversaries to give me a clean shot
  4. Reminiscing

    Been struggling to find a new permission since I've moved house and after a few failed attempts yesterday I was flicking through my pictures and was reminded of a permission I used to shoot with a friend in the absence of the fella who originally had it but was away due to recovering from an operation. It was literally riddled with rabbits and where I got my best bags from stalking. The hedgerows and fields looked like swiss cheese and quite a few were unsuitable for grazing so we always brought a good few to book every visit.
  5. Starlings

    And I've seen starlings eat alsorts like bacon fat, ham, cheese, dog food, rabbit food, literally anything really ...and people call pigeons sky rats ha
  6. Starlings

    Just what I'd heard on a video by a south African hunter/conservationist on YouTube, maybe miss heard him and they just steal the nests, either way something pushed 2 eggs out of a nest in my garden
  7. Starlings

    They are like swarms of insects round where I live
  8. Baiting Rats

    Then I suppose it would more be the passing of knowledge through the generations, the same way a predator would teach it's young to hunt, the likes of "prey" animals if you would will pass on knowledge of danger, as I say I'm purely speculating as I'm no expert. "The hunter's greatest weapon is their mind"
  9. Baiting Rats

    And I do actually have some live traps in the back of the shed I've had a good while, may just stick them down and dispatch with the air rifle. "The hunter's greatest weapon is their mind"
  10. Baiting Rats

    It was one of the first things I noticed about their behaviour when I started shooting rats, I always imagined it had become part of their instinct, the same as the way majority of humans have a fear or spiders and snakes because they could cause serious injury or death if bitten and it's been known for many a century now but that's just my uneducated theory lol "The hunter's greatest weapon is their mind"
  11. Baiting Rats

    Neophobia that's a new one to me, learn something new everyday, I suppose if your species had been getting poisoned in various ways for 100s of years you would be that bit more cautious haha. Thank you very much for the reply mate I think I only have a few young'ns down the bottom of my garden so shouldn't take make to get rid of them "The hunters greatest weapon is their mind"
  12. Baiting Rats

    It's just a suet feeder screwed to the tree and then pinned down into the soil with little stainless pegs, but my thinking is that solid food can be put in there and has to be nibbled at and can't be taken away (I just used the little pegs I got with my mini greenhouse to pin it down, most garden centres have them). "The hunters greatest weapon is their mind"
  13. Baiting Rats

    I don't know about any of you folks out there but I dont get alot of joy with peanut butter, chocolate spreads and other liquid baits. I've also tried coffee grounds and other things powdered down like bird fatballs but always get little to no interest. It basically seems to me that if it's a foreign food to them they're extremely weary of it, where as something they know like say a little pile of grain on a run down the side of a store they've been raiding they will stop for, I've seen similar with fish food pellets on trout farms. If it's not the source they moved in for and are clearly used to, they just don't want to know. However I'm ever the optimist when it comes to figuring out new methods of keeping our quarry stationary for that clean shot and having a bit of a rat problem at the bottom of my garden I devised this to give a try. "The hunters greatest weapon is their mind"
  14. Starlings

    I have a a question for some one a bit more clued up on the behaviour of Britain's native birds. I was recently watching an airarms SA video on YouTube and starlings are still on the general license there not just because of their sheer numbers but the fact that they have been turfing the eggs of rare parrots out of nests and laying there own in place so the unsuspecting parrots will raise thier young for them. Now that's south Africa I know but I have a very large conifer at the bottom of my garden, practically an avian hotel and when I came home from work today found 2 what I'm guessing are pigeon eggs (quite large and white) scattered round the base. Normally I'd have blamed corvids but these eggs were just knocked from the nest not eaten, yolks still clearly there, could this be the behaviour of what I can only describe as the swarm of starlings that plagues my garden? Thanks. Gee
  15. New To This

    Many thanks for the warm welcome, still very much a novice so look forward to speaking to and learning from you all Sent from my HTC One_M8 using Tapatalk