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  1. Baikal sbs hushpower

    PM sent
  2. Lure machine

    Time Left: 2 days and 15 hours

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    Hello I’m looking for a lure machine. I’m not wanting nothing too big and I have cash waiting. new or used I don’t mind


  3. Lure machine

    Lure machine View Advert Hello I’m looking for a lure machine. I’m not wanting nothing too big and I have cash waiting. new or used I don’t mind Advertiser Baretta28 Date 26/12/17 Price Category Working Lurchers  
  4. Ferret Finder

    According to him when you use a 15ft collar with 8ft box it's not accurate so he told me but I don't know. Electronics are not my strong point
  5. Ferret Finder

    I sent mine via Royal Mail to Jim chick he repaired and calibrated two 8foot boxes and I had a 15ft box that he worked his magic and made it into a 8ft box. Also supplied a new collar and returned in post £80 all in. All this wAs done within a 24hr time scale of him receiving the boxes
  6. Red Stag Antler Opinel No8

    GG I have PM you thanks
  7. Ferreting Partner Wanted

    Sorry lads I'm from Yorkshire I've been ferreting over 15 years. I've parted ways with the usual people I go with so I'm looking for a like mixed person to go with
  8. Ferreting Partner Wanted

    Hello every one I'm pretty new to THL.im looking for a mate to go ferreting with, lamping etc etc I have some permission near me but it's a little shy of rabbits now.no mass numbers left. So I'm wanting to go door knocking aswell. Yes I will b driving before any one asks lmao. Preferably some one with abit of there own gear too. Just send me a PM
  9. Wet & Windy

    Good effort that man. A little rain never killed anybody. looks good land. I'm struggling a little at the minute I can't get out much the cover just doesn't seem to be moving it's thick.
  10. Wilbert can you tell me what sort of money it is for pest control as the syndicate is a little out of my price range thank you
  11. Bushing/ Bolting Terrier

    I've got a little Russel bitch here if ur interested will bush all day long for u. It will also go to ground but it's not a hard dog will stand back and bay. If ur interested I will PM you my number we can talk some more
  12. Bushing/ Bolting Terrier

    Do you have any particular breed in mind?
  13. The New Fireplace

    Lads if anyone wants timber off cuts for there log burners I can get you as many as u want all you need to do is collect them from Leeds just PM me
  14. Bull X Wheaton Xgreyhound

    Lads mark r is away at the moment can ask me anything regarding the pups