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  1. Chester .. North Wales

    no not at the moment mate, hopefully will do in the near future, just looking to learn as much as i can in the mean time
  2. Any terriermen on here from around Chester / north wales / Wirral that wouldn't mind me asking a few questions .. private message if better thanks
  3. Has anyone ever worked or seen work successfully any Unusual breeds or the bushing type x breeds rather than the usual gundog breeds used for Beating?
  4. Short Legged Russells

    lovely russell mate
  5. New Pup

    great pictures troter
  6. New Pup

    23" mate Here is the mother a kc whippet from Ireland
  7. New Pup

    Zoom in mate haha it's not a manx lurcher well at least I don't think so
  8. New Pup

    This is the father not my dog
  9. Big Cat Sighting

    Hi greyman have you ever heard of any rumoured sightings in north wales?
  10. Hello Everyone

    thanks everyone
  11. New Pup

    new bitch pup Kc whippet x whippet/greyhound bedlington/whippet anyone had a similar cross??
  12. Big Cat Sighting

    Fascinating posts lads
  13. Lightweight Ferret Boxes

    hello mate are you still making ferret boxes
  14. what a brilliant post .. thanks very much
  15. Hello Everyone

    hello everyone picking up a pup tomorrow.. whippet x whippet/greyhound bedlington/whippet hope to post some photos and get to know a few lads on here cheers bushy