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  1. Hi guys can anyone recommend any good insurance companies to buy air rifle insurance from many thanks Lee
  2. Wellies

    Skeetex brilliant boots I use them for both fishing and shooting
  3. Killer Rats

    Have seen something like this before when I was fishing at Horton Kirby heard lots of commotion from magpies behind my bivvy went out for a look to find a rat had a magpie now I’m not fond of magpies but I hate rats so kicked the rat magpie flew off seemingly not to badly injured then finished rat with a bank stick. Have also seen them try it on ducks at the same venue.
  4. On the ferals

    You know how to treat a lady mate wish mine was like yours 😁😁😁😁😁😁
  5. Cheers mate avatar stays βš’βš’βš’βš’
  6. Been thinking about buying one of the chrony’s or the Combro can any one give any advice on which one to buy. many thanks Lee
  7. Rat Bait

    Thanks everyone you have all been very helpful as usual
  8. Rat Bait

    Hello has anyone got any advice on baiting rats and what people use I have been using peanut butter but is there any better suggestions Cheers Lee
  9. Paddock Rats

    Out the other night in the horse paddock intending to shoot rabbits when these turned up
  10. Can anyone tell me are a.a field pellets the same as jsb exact 22 15.9 grain pellets I've heard people saying they are and if they are would the zero be the same if I used both brands.
  11. Last Night

    Only the hammersβš’βš’βš’
  12. air rifle's

    Bsa scorpion 22 cal with 4x12x50 hawke scope vc silencer with nite site viper
  13. Garden Ratting

    Blended sweet corn works great
  14. Last Night

    Sorry mate avatar staysβš’βš’βš’βš’