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  1. Bedlingtons make great deer dogs, and I also know one lad that uses his bedy for wildfowling and he says his bitch is as good as any gun dog. The bedlington will fill many roles from hawk dog to ratting.how old is your bedy and what lines. What else do you work with it. Looks a nice dog mate. I have a soft spot for bedlington terriers, my opinion they are the best terrier.
  2. Lurchers make great stalking dogs, finding shot deer shouldn't be a problem, I would go with a collie x or some kind of cattle dog. Atb j
  3. Giving kits a chance!

    Well done mate, do you put things for them to climb in there court. Could be the ferret had a fall and landed wrong. A lad lost a hob on this site as it climbed the mesh on front of court and fell and hit corner of sleeping box wich killed his hob., hope you have a good season. J
  4. Giving kits a chance!

    Vets round my way are waste of time, I lost a Jill that was nursing a litter, I was at work and partner didn't see her slip out her court, found her two days later curled up in ally not looking good at all, she couldn't walk or open her mouth, we cleaned her jaw and it was full of a gluey substance and got her to vet, told me she wouldn't see morning,I took her home and we fed her with a syringe and kept her inside and she's doing great now she's been out a few times this season,
  5. How long can I leave my ferrets for?

    I always get someone to feed mine while away, also if there's a ferret rescue near by they may board them for you for a small fee,
  6. Newbie here.. Old style hunter,

    Welcome mate,
  7. Couldn’t resist

    I've found young and old rabbits dead above ground while I out exercising my whippets [BANNED TEXT] work, they look healthy no sign of mixy and no doubt a lot pass away below ground, folk have put pics up with rabbits wich still have grass in there mouths. Other than being dead they had no signs of disease. Im in Northants and Im haven to travel to Norfolk, Lincolnshire to get a good day ferreting, yes there's pockets of Coney local but no were neer the same numbers as two years ago, the rabbit is a big part of our countryside and without them a lot of wildlife will suffer, let's hope they get through this....
  8. Couldn’t resist

    I would normally see dozens of young in spring early summer on land I work, this year we haven't seen many at all, I think the rabbit is gona find it hard to come back from this new virus,, let's hope they do.
  9. Absolutely Heartbroken

    Sorry to hear about your bad news. As above I'd wait until times right to get another terrier, atb
  10. What are you feeding yours?

    Iv kept pugs for over 30 and all mine have loved raw eggs, we give eggs in shell to sit and watch them rolling them around, we put a small crack in shell to make it easier for them, we only give eggs as a treat once a week, and goats milk once a week wich they all love.
  11. Ferreting

    Always try and get new kit to join the team around June so I know come the season I can get them out on some easy burrows that hold one or two Coney, six months is about right, have a good season. J
  12. Braking a ferret to a terrier

    Pugs love eggs and milk, it might work. But to be honest if hob is a kit then it's handle as much as possible you must get him out of bitting you first, at end of the day it will get used to the dogs being around and as long as you tame him anufe all will be fine, my dogs play with my ferrets every day when I feed and clean them out. With time they should be fine, j
  13. What are you feeding yours?

    I feed my team on rabbit, pigeon, chicken gizards, hearts, kidney, eggs once a week with goat's milk, also bits of venison offal, docs, also give them meaty bones to keep there teeth good. Never had a problem with any of mine, my pal feeds rats to his pugs but I don't like the idea of that, only because I don't know if it's eatn poison or not. your feeding sounds OK,
  14. Lost

    Have same problem mate, Im not technical minded, my other half sorts my phone, pc out when I mess up lol wich is every day. I didn't know they was changing the site. I'd only just got used to finding my way around last one, atb j
  15. It's getting colder

    That's what we need a good cold snap, iv had two mornings out with pugs and whippets but stayed away from Heage rows as nettles to high, took nine healthy bunny's from a small Warren in the middle of a sheep field, let's hope we get some good frosts soon, atb