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    Welcome mate, like you I will be getting a bird this year. My permission still as pheasant, hare, duck, and small pockets of coney so my bird of choice is a Harris I did think about a Goss but this will be my first bird and a mate as a hh and I'm learning as much as I can before getting my chic. Building mews etc at moment just getting bases down. I like the look of redtails are they like a hh in the way they hunt. Atvb j
  2. First night nerves

    Welcome mate, keep getting out and you will soon be catching coneys. And this is the right place for those with working dog addictions, atb j
  3. Account

    On this forum like any other you will always get those that think they know everything but know nothing. You get trolls who try to put every one down. They do this because there life's are sad and empty.!!! Don't stop using forum as that's what they want. The good folk on here well out number the sad fckers. Atb
  4. Deerhound x 15 months old soon

    I went to look at a litter couple months ago but only dogs left and it was a bitch I wanted. He's a nice looking dog pal, atb
  5. First ferret advice

    Like I said mate handle every day and if you have kids get them to play with them as pugs love to play. When I feed mine I shake my keys and they fly to the door of court as they no its feed, play time. When they are to ground they will come to sound of keys but we always put locators on them and dig down to pug and coney, my pugs work above ground as well in log piles, brambles etc along side my curs, all kits will nibble on fingers but soon get out of it with proper handling just like a puppy. Also if your going to get 9 week old kits your gonna need a hutch as a large court will be two big in my opinion for tiny kits, just put hutch inside court. If you pm me I will send you Simon whiteheads book for free. Do you know anyone on the lsland who goes ferreting, any problems just ask mate atb.
  6. First ferret advice

    I would give you two Jill's but miles away mate, I agree with advice from above and if you have any questions there's some good folk on here for advice. Bedding, food aside once you have the kits it's handle and play with them every day mine are in large courts but come out to play at feeding and cleaning time and of course were out ferreting, I always start mine on small places wich hold a rabbit or two and once a bunny is in the bag I allow pugs to rag it and then box them up and work a veteran, next time out work them longer. Cared for and entered propley your pugs will become good workers and great pets.
  7. Gutted

    Sorry for your lose mate and I wish you all the best, iv lost a dog before and its a c...t mate. Atb
  8. Deerhound x 15 months old soon

    Did Joe breed it.
  9. Lamping rats with mini lurchers

    Pud your thread on ratting is excellent mate and pictures are some of the best iv seen, I have bedy whippets that are as good as any terrier on rats my bedy whippet x Patterdale will have one in her jaws and pin another with her feet, atb mate
  10. A brace of black ones

    Ain't had a black one for years mate, a few years ago I had a black white, and a bluey I think someone had dumped tame ones and they bred. Out tomorrow on new ground so hopefully we will do OK, atb
  11. Couple hours out this morning

    Good on you mate, good to see a youngster enjoying ferreting. Wish my per held a few, two years ago I was taken 10 upwards and was bolting them to my whippets the last two years as been baron.
  12. Out Ratting

    Great thread lads, some stunning pictures, what camera are you using pud. Atb
  13. Gulls

    Hopen someone local will want it, I think it's gonna take some visits. It's a large flock and there getting all the food they need, gulls, crows and pigeons. Atb
  14. Gulls

    Northants area.
  15. Gulls

    Got a flock of gulls at work, boss asked if I would try find someone to move them. Be good to find someone local, atb