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  1. Jerry71

    Long shot

    Have you got pic of the last print he did for you,
  2. Jerry71

    My two

    Nice animals mate,
  3. Jerry71


    I will send pm tonight some time as for some reason I karnt delete anything, if you definitely want two they are yours once old anufe to leave mum OK, atb
  4. Jerry71

    A 30 Year Wait !!!

    She's big for 11 weeks, she's like a box of frogs like all pups of her age, I'll measure her tomorrow as doing night shift, atb
  5. Jerry71

    2 litters

    I had a Jill that got fat looked like she had belly full but it was phantom, I will have few kits spare to good working homes, also how do you delete things so I can pm. Atb
  6. Jerry71

    A 30 Year Wait !!!

    She's from a good working line of bedlingtons and a Irish coursing hound so she's bred the right way it's now down to me to do her justice . she's learning commands ok, most of the time it's tug games and retrieving, so far alls going well. Atb
  7. Jerry71

    A 30 Year Wait !!!

    She's looking good mate, iv just got a Bedlington greyhound fl, only 11 weeks old, atvb.
  8. Jerry71

    4 weeks old

    Looks nice, best of luck pal,
  9. Jerry71

    Beddy x

    Cracking dog mate
  10. Jerry71

    Beddy x

    Very nice mate,
  11. Jerry71

    Beddy x

    His names Paul,
  12. Getting dogs swimming is great way to exercise them, I try getting my lurchers in the lakes but they refuse unless I go in, remember a pal used to put his staffs in cannel and slip there leads through a short scaf bar and hold the bar while dog swam,and he'd walk a mile a day like this. His dogs lookt good.
  13. Jerry71

    Beddy x

    My bedy greyhound f1, really pleased with her,
  14. Jerry71


  15. Jerry71


    I'll get pm sent after work OK as got to delete some stuff, atb