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  1. Pics Of Your Bushing Dogs

    One we have in our small pack. Goes like a train. Sounds like a foxhound when on.
  2. Out Today

    Good stuff mate.
  3. Siblings

    Pm me your number instead of writing stuff back Wilkie.
  4. Siblings

    Is that aimed at me? You f***ing parasite. All the dogs have turned out belters you f***ing bellend. There's 2people on here got them. Ask them the same question. Your nowt but a f***ing gobshite.and bigged up dog haaa. You've kept f**k all you prick.
  5. Squirell1S Pup

    Belters, seen the black en work. Good bitch.
  6. Day Out

    Hounds can stop where they are Haa.
  7. Day Out

    Had a day out with a good mate of ours who's a Shepherd on a certain farm. He invited us up as he is seeing foxes regular. After doing a few spots and having some good hunting a lad cleanly shot a fox that broke across a field. Only couple of pics as my phone died.
  8. Day Out

    Not far? Are u from my neck of woods
  9. Day Out

    It is mate and very peaceful.
  10. Day Out

  11. Day Out

    Only 2 of us out today, so just had a scout about on new permission. Put 2 charlies out and both got cleanly away. Little dogs done well.
  12. Day Out

    OhGlorious day. Done a few spots with nothing. Then hit a good whin patch and charlie boy was lifted. He went straight under fence and out. Was cleanly shot. 2nd fox was in an earth in a whin patch. Which was strange, but he avaded the guns for today.
  13. Out Today

  14. Rhodesian Ridgeback Bushing

    Yes mate. Still have stuff out of him. Also very handy dog.
  15. Rhodesian Ridgeback Bushing

    This dog had ridge back in him. Was single handed dog. Hard as bell iron. Never injured either.retired at 9. Would have him back Tomoz. Long gone now.
  16. Day Out

    Good spot mate. Always out of the wind.
  17. Day Out

    Absuletly pissed down from 8oclock onwards. But we can't be fair weather hunters unless we will never be out. Farmer had phoned to say all cattle was off the spot and we had free rain of spot. We done 2big banking. 2foxes in. One missed and one cleanly shot. Good morning out. Everybody piss wet through.
  18. Out Today

    ah thats a good complaint.my eldest is 11 and loves it.his brothers are to young at the moment so hes getting out all the time.you done well to keep your lad at it tru the teenage years lolHe had a gap mate haaa. Then back at it now full time. I've to beat him to the leads come weekend like.
  19. Out Today

    Great to see youngsters out. My mate has a 3seater van for lamping and my eldest lad who's 18 has taken mine haaa. Getting old.
  20. Looking Forward To The Rest Of The Season

    Been a slow start for us. Only lifting a couple really. And hard hunting, no scent on some days. Can't wait for cold to come.
  21. Day Out

    Couple of spots we done Sunday only couple of us out. Lifted 2 good foxes. Had some real good hunts.
  22. Young Bitch

    My mate is parting with this young bitch. Reason for sale is. If you take her out and let her hunt rabbits etc with maybe just a couple of dogs she is fine. She will scream on rabbits and is very biddable. Once she goes with the full pack and the beaters are making noise in woods etc. She gets very nervous and stands close by.the lad has tried n tried and she does clamps up when theres to much noise. I've had her up with me hunting rabbits and fox with just Brian and my lurchers. She was spot on. But as stated with the full gang she's just to nervous. She is quiet in kennel. Good grubber. 100% with all stock. Don't need a lead on her. Don't want any slanging matches so anyone genuinely interested please pm me and I'll give you lads number. She is based in south Cumbria.
  23. Young Bitch

    Yea be ideal for that job. Will even work with other bushing dogs. Just not with a lot of noise etc.
  24. Out Today

    Good do mate.
  25. Night Out

    Took my eldest lad out for a couple of hours. Let him take full control. He done very well.plus bitch ran very well considering the weather. Plenty on the spot for another couple of outings.