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  1. Fox traps

    I make my own. 6ft long 3ft wide nd 3ft high. Easy mechanism and easy set. I've trapped foxes for over 25 years and my dad before me.lot of farmers especially sheep farmers or chicken farmers have had my setups for years with great success. And nowadays u can see how foxes are waying up ya traps.
  2. Out Today

    Great day mate 👍🏻
  3. how many are going to partys this new year

    I go up in the fells of Scotland stalking all day new years eve. Then foxing at night. Done it for over 10years with the same mate. This year taking my eldest son with us. Can't beat it.happy new year everyone on here. All the very best.
  4. Funny Joke Thread

    When i was younger i killed a butterfly and my dad said no butter for a week and i thought of a plan. My dad later saw me kill a cockroach. He smiled at me and said “nice try”
  5. Funny Joke Thread

    On his last tour of Ireland , the Pope was asked what he thought of County Down . " I preferred it when Carol Vorderman was in it " , he replied .
  6. Out Today

    Good do again mate. Excellent stuff
  7. Funny Joke Thread

    A phone rings.... Woman answers.... Pervert breathes heavily....."have you got a tight unshaven c**t?" Woman replies "yes...... He's watching the TV, who shall I say is calling?"
  8. My Pup

    Strong pup that. All the best with it mate
  9. good morning out

    Good stuff mate. Smart little dogs to.
  10. Funny Joke Thread

    Two priests are driving down the road when they are stopped by two police officers. "We're looking for two child molesters," the officers tell them. The priests look at each other before they speak. "We'll do it."
  11. Out Today

    Good do again mate. Well done.
  12. Funny Joke Thread

    ‪What's the difference between Ant and Dec and lesbian sex? ‪f**k all. ‪They're both just a couple of c**ts bouncing off of each other.
  13. My 2 young dogs

    Belters mate.
  14. Out Today

    Good stuff.
  15. Funny Joke Thread

    12 days of Jeremy Kyle 12 cans of carling, 11 DNA tests, 10 dads to choose from, 9 teeth between them, 8 squeezed in tracksuits, 7 stinking smackrats, 6 Dunlop trainers, 5 stolen rings, 4 fat slags, 3 ugly twats, 2 timing c**ts, and a wanker who parades them on TV……