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  1. Show Us Ya Gundogs

    One of them having some down time playing sleep over with my daughter.
  2. The Lions

    They really need to improve a hell of a lot.
  3. Pheasant Pen Mesh.

    As above wire at the bottom, plastic top. Collins is a great place to start.
  4. Hornets

    30 gram number 6 would sort that.
  5. Humidity Meter

    I got my last one from Amazon for about £10 does the job fine.
  6. Cray Fish

    None down my way yet in Cornwall, but like you I will do my bit when they do arrive.
  7. Putanges?

    Bought mine from Norfolk trapper.
  8. Pigs 2017

    Just got my two summer pigs. Two Middle Whites had one of these and a couple of Saddlebacks last time and I loved the meat on the Middle Whites so will fill the freezer with these two.
  9. John Noakes Dead

    Best Blue Peter presenter. Rip.
  10. Release Pen

    1 metre of outside fence per pheasant is recommended. So a pen 50 metres x 50 metres would have an outside fence of 200 metres so 200 pheasants.
  11. Peregrine And Chough

    Very nice pictures, roughly where were they taken.
  12. A Very Sad Rip To One Of Our Own

    So sad. RIP.
  13. Swallows.

    The ones at my place are already feeding young. So nests built and hopefully another brood or two.
  14. Your Partners Friends

    I don't mind my wife's mates, some of them are quite tidy.
  15. Dog Names....what's Yours​?

    Fern, Tessie, Poppy, Scooby, Bonnie new pup in a few weeks I think will be Macy.