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  1. torch

    Hi mate ive just recently bought an evo 75 kit (white pill) three mode from the torch factory, it comes complete with 2 x batteries, charger and rats tail and scope mount for £70, to be honest I got it mainly for lamping with my Lurcher as it really is both too powerful (500 yard throw)and too heavy for mounting on an air rifle, however I have tried it on my HW100s and on low mode it is ideal although very heavy.. The good thing about them is you can buy different size heads and different colour pills, as I said earlier I bought it really for spotting and lamping for my Lurcher, i will be getting an evo38 with a red pill for the gun which will be plenty powerful enough and keep the evo 75 as a dedicated lamping kit for the dog. As mentioned earlier a smaller, less powerful torch would be ideal for a gun lamp. Hope this helps, Atb Steve
  2. Trev, just out of interest how's the lurcher bred ? atb Steve
  3. HW100s pellet test

    Well after managing to sort out the air leak on the HW100s i thought I might try out some H&N FTT pellets which the previous owner said he preferred, a few tweaks on the scope after my previous attempts, and taking my time I put a full mag through and am REALLY pleased with the results,
  4. HW100S leak repair????

    Hi lads Thanks for all the tips and advice, hopefully the leak seams to be sorted, (fingers crossed)🤞🏼.
  5. HW100S leak repair????

    Any one any idea what the brass screw is for ?????? Thanks
  6. HW100S leak repair????

    Phil I,m probably spoilt for choice , I have Henry Kranks, Swillington shooting supplies , Redbeck and Robin Hood water sports all within a 15 minute car ride away, I'll suss out the cheapest for the future👍 Atb Steve
  7. HW100S leak repair????

    Hi Phil Just seen your post mate, now I'm not sure if the £2 charge is just for the rifle cylinder or the dive bottle, It may be worth giving them a call👍, if it's £2 for the dive bottle it does sound a good price. Cheers mate Steve
  8. HW100S leak repair????

    I've no idea mate , I called in for the first time whilst I was passing and asked the guy if they do air refills, he told me that it was £2 , now I don't know if that was for just the gun cylinder or a 3,4 ,7 or 12 dive bottle, there's always Robin Hood water sports at birstall, I might be wrong but according to their website they do refills on dive bottles, not too sure on cost though so maybe the cost might be on website hope this helps pal regards Steve
  9. HW100S leak repair????

    Thanks mate i shall give that a try👍
  10. HW100S leak repair????

    Thanks very much for the info mate, there's a Rfd quite local to me (swillington shooting supplies) who do a cylinder recharge for two quid so I'll give it a go👍 Cheers Steve
  11. Afternoon chaps i,m looking for a bit of help and advice from you more knowledgeable folk please. Yesterday using the stirrup pump I recharged my gun to just under 200bar, this morning I got the gun out for a bit of pellet testing and noticed that the pressure had dropped to almost zero !😳. I removed the cylinder and put in some more air (around about 70 bar) then disconnected the pump and straight away i could hear the air escaping from the fill port, even with the dust plug in place it was still losing air quickly. I did a search on several forums and one piece of advice was to completely empty the cylinder and recharge which sometimes can work, now I did try this but unfortunately it's not worked☹️. I have managed to remove the fill port/manometer section from the cylinder to see if the o ring was damaged , now I probably don't know exactly what im looking for but the o ring looks to be ok. I have tried a search to try and find a diagram/schematic of the internals of this part but have so far drawn a blank! I've attached a picture which shows the part, can someone please tell me what the brass screw is for and can it be removed? Also if it can be removed are there any more o rings in this which i should be checking? Any help or info is very much appreciated. Thanks in advance Steve
  12. Well as some of you may know I recently became the proud owner of a pre owned mint condition Hw100s in 177 flavour, Mitch (villaman) kindly sent me some AA express to try out , Jimmy (bigmac) also did the same but JSB heavies along with the loan of his single load mag👍. I had been planning to visit a range quite local to give the gun a good try out and also test out the pellets but for one reason or another i haven't been able to get down, however, i did manage to do some practice today while the Mrs took the grandkids out for the day. I nipped down to the local RFD and picked up a pellet trap and some targets, built up a safe backstop in the garden and measured out 25 yards and away I went. Below are a couple of pics, it's certainly not the most accurate marksmanship you'll ever see (I definitely need to put in plenty more practice.) I was really happy with the groupings and the gun is certainly FAR, FAR more capable than I am, to say I'm happy with it is an understatement, in fact it's bl**dy fantastic 😁!!!!!!. As Mitch advised i shall be trying the pellets out at varying distances because at 25 yards there's seems to be nothing in it between the two. Once again many thanks to Mitch and Jimmy👍. Atb Steve
  13. My first pcp HW100S

    Hi Mitch I,m planning on spending a day at the range tomorrow 👌. I was hoping to get down there on Monday or Tuesday but unfortunately things didn't go as planned☹️. I shall post some pics up of the results and also a bit of a write up . atb Steve
  14. My first pcp HW100S

    Thanks Jimmy👍
  15. My first pcp HW100S

    No problem Jimmy😊👍