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  1. scopes

    got a nice hawke 2-7x32 vantage ir ao which is fine for hunting but short of mag at the range-up to 45yds.bought a delta titanium 4-16x42 ao and targets are fine for 45yds at the range and will go down to 4x or 5x for hunting .lovely jap glass and its weight is 460g so doesn't over balance my hw95s.Fits in medium mounts fine too.
  2. spot on simon-i think it may also be an age thing too as all I knew in the early 80s were spring guns.ive got back into shooting-done my old original 45 up doin fine at 20yds so far but bought a pair of hw95s in 177 and 22 but doing 5p groups at 45yds at the range in .22 sat next to top end pcps doing similar brings a smile to my face lol!lots more to do and will get a pcp someday maybe!The thing is to enjoy what you use and then make a change if needed later on.
  3. Two of the best money can buy

    also in .22 jsb express -seem to love my hw95 .22 barrel
  4. HW95

    have to agree with you to a point.i have a 177 sfs 95 and a 22 95 untuned-i get 5p groups out to 45yds if ido my part but its not as smooth as the sfs 95 but is more accurate at the moment.i,m still trying different things like more weight in the hw moderator/heavier low mounted scope etc so lots to do yet but im confident when i use my 22 95-yet to get that with the my 177 95.