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  1. Neobliviscaris1776

    Question...dog pectoral muscle tear?

    Appreciate the info. I Managed to find an ex greyhound bone man who knew his stuff and I'm glad I did as the cause was a shoulder issue. It was slightly out and he put it back in. Did an overall check on him too and clicked a few others spots into place. Dog is back to his happy self, even better! Can't recommend a good boneman enough!!!
  2. Neobliviscaris1776

    Show us your Bull x

    What's the percentages mate? Looks solid
  3. Neobliviscaris1776

    Show us your Bull x

    What's the percentages mate? Nice pup
  4. Neobliviscaris1776

    Question...dog pectoral muscle tear?

    Cheers mate, yeah that's a good thread. It would be a bone man instead of a vet if it doesn't clear up that's for sure!
  5. Yesterday my 13month old dog jumped out of the vehicle as normal and gave a slight yelp when he landed. Checked him over and nothing broken for sure. However does yelp when getting up from sleeping and going downstairs. No problems hopping into the van and going upstairs. Thinking it might be a pectoral muscle tear or pulled muscle on his right side, as it seems to be in that area. Will take him for the inevitable vet check if he doesn't improve soon, but just wondering has anyone experienced this before with their dogs? All the best
  6. Neobliviscaris1776

    Bull whippet greyhound

    Ground control to Major Tom, come in please, we need urgent moderator help!
  7. Neobliviscaris1776

    Hopefully get a pup back

    All the best with them
  8. Neobliviscaris1776

    Show us your Bull x

    Like the look of him, looks the businessAll the best
  9. Neobliviscaris1776

    Show us your Bull x

    Strong looking dogs mate, how's the white dog bred? looks strong for 8month
  10. Neobliviscaris1776

    Show us your Bull x

    That's a real strong looking bitch, what's the %'s mate? Cheers
  11. Neobliviscaris1776

    Next seasons runners

    Nice one
  12. Neobliviscaris1776

    Next seasons runners

    Looks a good sized bitch, what's in the breeding mate?
  13. Neobliviscaris1776

    Next seasons runners

    Just the sun mate, no coat lol. Cheers
  14. Neobliviscaris1776

    Next seasons runners

    Saluki bull greyhound, just turned 11months
  15. Neobliviscaris1776

    Picture Of My Saluki Bull Greyhound Pup 6Month Old

    Nice one. The bull should come through on the pups nicely as the dam looks real strong and racy. All the best with them.