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  1. Trump Under Fire

    Granted, your never going to get anything close to a fair system no matter who's taking the lead! The world is so complex, many special interests etc etc etc, you know what I mean. But at the same time, the rules are simple which is to keep the people at bay and the power structure in place, that's how it's always been and will be until the people care enough to act. No, not vote, act! His election as President shouldn't of happened in the eyes of the power structure. And this in itself is monumental. Regarding monuments (or really government owned land which governments have no right to own), it's part of freedom and capitalism. I understand the arguments for it but it can only be two ways. Land should not be owned by government, it should be owned by people and if there's surplus land, then people should be permitted to live on it and make a living.
  2. Nicest Lurcher On Thl?

    Out of interest, what cross is your dog mate? All the best
  3. Trump Under Fire

    Before you can go forward, sometimes you need to go backwards. Back an undo damage that's been done. Out of TPP, Out of Paris Climate agreement, Bringing businesses back to the the USA. These are massive positives to the future development of America. Without such things done, America would be going nowhere. All these globalist, socialist agenda's are no longer being forced as governmental policy. The big picture is far more telling than smaller details. The entire political, elite business world was against him. Every corrupt dictator even the pope and the EU. If you can withstand that, and be elected, that's progress.
  4. Trump Under Fire

    Yes, it's generally quite easy to know if something or someone is actually doing a good job or making good progress like trump is. It's not by the support they get, it's by the opposition they receive! Truth is always opposed.
  5. Where are we heading?

    That's ultimately what they want it to mean. Chaos and disorder!
  6. Where are we heading?

    Yes. It's social engineering that's all. Why do you think they're are more homosexuals, lesbian's, transgenders etc etc today than ever before? Because it's promoted generally everywhere, like advertising a product. People in mass are extremely easy to influence. Especially if your a Tv addict.
  7. Trump Under Fire

    Jones is some boy alright! To be fair, without characters like him we wouldn't have the other side of the coin exposed in all it's glory. He is eccentric for sure, but that means very little if your arguments are factual.
  8. Cancer in lurchers??

    Would definitely agree. There's nothing in nature (apart from eventual death) that is anti life. Nature is pro life and living things do not create in themselves systems to attack itself like cancer. Only external factors do, ie man made or man produced either intentionally or unintentionally. Just like in humans, dogs that eat man made foods, processed foods, take all vaccines and jabs their offered will eventually result in experiencing adverse side effects to themselves or their offspring. Interesting subject for sure.
  9. Friend searching for a working dog

    He's got cash waiting, so if the right dog comes along for him 👍
  10. Friend searching for a working dog

  11. Friend searching for a working dog

    Hi, Not sure if this is in the right place. Have a friend who does a bit of shooting and is looking for a working lurcher to add to his team. He has another dog in the home, so would be kept indoors. Dog or bitch, he doesn't mind either. He's set on a racy type bullx that takes all quarry and is happy to travel. May be the wrong time of year for finding something but if anyone knows of anything please message me. Genuine home waiting. All the best
  12. Snow is here

    I would have been well chuffed at that age, most would.
  13. Team photo !

    Nice one 👍
  14. Team photo !

    Nice shot. Are the two on the right bullxs? What's their percentages mate?
  15. Brexit Thread Redux

    and slowly but surely, we creep closer and closer to the red flag. Oh well, kettles boiling 👍