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  1. Brexit Thread Redux

    and slowly but surely, we creep closer and closer to the red flag. Oh well, kettles boiling 👍
  2. Brexit Thread Redux

    Exactly. If a country has talent it will be bullied and heckled. Smaller countries with less to offer will be supported and made to look like their stronger ie ireland. Thinkit's called Geosocialism. All a theatre production.
  3. Brexit Thread Redux

    When you bring globalism into the picture, it all makes perfect sense. Globalism basically is global dictatorship over countries and people's lives, taking choice away, monopolies, no competition and regulate and tax you to death. EU in a nutshell. Very few leaders of countries today, are not singing this tune. The reason Trump is hated so much is because he's not playing by the expected globalist hymn sheet. Cameron was one, May is one. Cameron giving the UK a vote on brexit was nothing exceptional. It just made an opportunity for the country to be screwed more, what we are witnessing now. Stay = Screwed Leave = Screwed
  4. Brexit Thread Redux

    You wouldn't need trade deals if it was a free market which it's not!
  5. Brexit Thread Redux

    The EU should be paying us! Think the EU and the leaders of this country got exactly what they set out to do....wreck the UK economy, it's a socialist tactic, clear as day and the main aim of leaders of successful countries. You can't have the masses prospering too much, it's bad for business
  6. Brexit Thread Redux

    That's it. Stay and we hit you with regular bills. Leave and we hit you harder. Scum
  7. Brexit Thread Redux

    The result of remaining in the EU is what we have been witnessing for the last few years, utter chaos, financially, economically, civil unrest the list goes on. That's what the EU offers. That's what we gain from staying. That's why the UK will leave. The administration just now is a kite in the wind, but the UK will leave.
  8. Bull x Saluki Greyhound

    Bull Saluki sounds pretty interesting, sure that x would be top in the field 👍
  9. Brexit Thread Redux

    Prediction Britain and the USA Will remain strong partners and will continue as the Anglo American power with the intention of leading as global policy maker's, which will conclude with the very thing the EU is trying to do. Britain will officially leave the EU.
  10. Brexit Thread Redux

    I like to think of the EU as a huge commercial gym and your a member of it. One day you and your mates decide to leave this gym and no longer wish to be a member of it. A gym that is badly run, dirty, costs more and more every month, has an appalling record of customer service and never listens to any concerns or ideas it's customers have for improving things. The equipment is old and those running it have little interest in it. And although it claims it values all of its members, it actually is quite happy having any one a member wether they are civilised or not. Fights and rapes have actually become common in the gym. Why would someone want to leave? It's obvious isn't it. What do you have to loose in leaving? Nothing, except heckling from those still members and a surprise small print bill to leave, that actually increases the longer it takes for you to officially get out of the building. Just my humble opinion, but seriously, what more is there to it? It's your choice. And because you have some dignity and respect for yourself, others will value you more. Hence the reason the rest of the world are lined up to do business with the UK.
  11. Brexit Thread Redux

    Greece was an example of what the EU wants for all countries, complete failure and depencedacy on it. The EU is a complete failure and intentionally so. It's so obvious it's easy to miss.
  12. Bull x Saluki Greyhound

    Nothing worse than a Porkie pie👍
  13. Bull x Saluki Greyhound

    Got a sbg myself, great dog coming on nicely. I know most sbg get there by bull/greyhound X Saluki/greyhound but was interested if there's any difference getting there by mating a pure bull over Saluki/greyhound(first X)?
  14. Trump Under Fire

  15. Bull x Saluki Greyhound

    Just interested to know if anyone has experience with this cross or any pics etc. First X cross bull greyhound have been popular but has anyone put a Bull over a Saluki greyhound? How have they turned out, etc. Any info appreciated. All the best