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  1. Themole

    Newry, Northern Ireland

    I wouldn't mind knowing myself they look good stamps
  2. Themole

    Show Us Your White Dog's

    Thanks better feed than myself hopefully they'll do the job only time will tell they'll get plenty of chances
  3. Themole

    This season hopefuls

    Yeah they are coming along nicely a little bit too forward for there own good but they might settle down when they get down to doing a bit of work better
  4. Themole

    This season hopefuls

    She full Russell rebel nice little bitch will be handy when ye start back with hounds
  5. Themole

    This season hopefuls

    Is she jagd terrier cross with the ginger in her muzzle hair
  6. Themole

    New Season In France

    Hope you find him blaise
  7. Themole

    This season hopefuls

    Thanks just painted them the weekend plenty of room for them all making a few more along side it .....I'll see how she takes that
  8. Themole

    This season hopefuls

    Very nice i like him fingers crossed he'll keep it up for you
  9. Themole


    I won't mind if she gets bigger the bigger the better
  10. Themole


    Young bitch for this season
  11. Themole

    New Season In France

    Blaise I'm sure it's been asked before but do you work many white dogs over there worked in Laval...tours..le man. and never seen anyone even walking white dogs thanks
  12. Themole

    Show Us Your White Dog's

    Fingers crossed