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  1. Boots

    will have a look on there thanks
  2. Staffs

    do you mind if i ask what line its down from bud
  3. Kennel Block

    very nice set up that and cheap
  4. Oks

    do any members keep or like books on the american pitbull or american bulldog theres not many good staff books about but some goood pitbull
  5. Boots

    are the magnum viper boots any good you will they not last long
  6. Earth Dog Running Dog No. 1 - 198

    cheap that very good mags used to have a lot myself
  7. Old Country Blood

    i was thinking of ordering it i was told good things about the book is thhere much on the staff in this book
  8. Staffs

    i know this topic has been done on herre but does anyone still keep any working staffs
  9. Hello

    hello all from sunny essex some of you will know me on here already but others will not.