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  1. Home bred Lurcher pup bitch

    Cheers bud he should be good for his job he's fairly quick already but don' let him go mad for to long before he's back on the lead don' want to make any damage to him when he's young as he will have plenty of time to burn around once he's older
  2. Home bred Lurcher pup bitch

    I'd like to get round some fur I just pop up the moors of an evening while it's dark early just to practise recall with the lamp he's not seen any fur yet. I'm starting to stock train with sheep as there's plenty on the moor by me but he still pulls like the devil on the lead when they run. He's fine round horses now though after one chased him he dosnt want to be anywhere near them now lol. He's being a bit of a stubborn fcuker with recall at the moment but I've put that to age and seeing what he can get away with.
  3. Home bred Lurcher pup bitch

    Mines not grown much just over 23 still but filling out a bit more now I'll get some new pics. She's looking good. I've had mine out with the lamp doo g a bit of training calling him back soon as the lamp goes off so hopefully when I'm working him once the lamp goes off he knows to come back and I won' have to call him back scaring everything away.
  4. A bad Monday

    least nothing broken best of luck hope she's better soon
  5. Dog struggling to pee or poo any ideas?

    Father in-laws Springer had problems after a day beating that turned out to be something to do with prostate gland
  6. Missed breeding opportunity there

    That's ridiculous!!!
  7. Mooch on Dartmoor

    Looks a good walk that where abouts on Dartmoor? I live on the edge of Dartmoor Princetown offers up some good walks with the dogs not much game but good walks
  8. Foa poxon

    He's doing really good bud training is going well his recall is bang on. When he's retrieving the first couple are bad but I've put that to pup excitement and after those few he's good and as for in the house he's tested me a few times I'll be replacing my lino before I leave..... and as his head is all but table hight we can't leave food else it's gone haha. But over all I'm chuffed with him. He's seen a few bunnys now and shown real interest but not ran any yet don't want to mess any joints ect up running to young
  9. Bullx suitability

    Fella I see around plymouth has a Luton van him his missus and 3 long dogs don't think they have much room in there mind
  10. Bullx suitability

    Plenty of bullxs are used for mooching but alot of lurchers all types really there are ones for mooching and ones for serious sport. I had a racy bullx was out most weekends and some week days some say that's a mooch about others would argue that' serious. If you know what you want and that would suit you best the dog will grow up living that lifestyle and not know the difference. As long as it's fed watered and cared for dogs are fairly happy. I'm sure others will disagree with what I've said but in my opinon you'll be fine with one. As far as the camper least it will be easy to keep an eye on him and it will only have limited things to destroy haha
  11. Best lurcher cross for foxes

    Nothing in this country........ ANTI
  12. My pup coming up 11 months

    Looking good atb