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  1. what Crry on

    Scum fcukers I say the same fight fire with fire sometimes that' the only way to do things like it or not but look at history.
  2. New pup

    Nice looker that all the best with him
  3. A bit of cover

    My little pup I got runs through the cover after my spaniels untill it' to much then he just waits outside for them to come out but I'm hoping to work them with my lurcher once he's working. My old bull x used to nail it into cover I didn' like it as he'd go in full speed but you never know what's in there. Every dog has a job for me my spaniels are for cover and beating and the lurcher for out in the open
  4. Nicest Lurcher On Thl?

    Pup just under 6months
  5. Well that's that then shame really. They managed to catch the one down where I am after a week or so
  6. Re a solicitor

    I've used clive in a case and I highly recommend him he has lots of people to call on and his daughter is also really good
  7. The boys

    My boys 2 spaniels are working beating dogs but the black one is a fecker so thinking his role will be a bushing dog for when my lurcher is working. Lurcher is 5 n 1/2 months now
  8. a lynx escaped from a small zoo in sparkwell in Devon little while ago took them about a week to get it back they was using drones with thermal on to find it then it kept taking the food out the trap and running off with it!! Good trap they had clearly
  9. Up The Mountains

    Looks cracking that bud glad you had some runs to put the cherry on top
  10. Man Who Killed Dog And Fed It To Pet

    Sick fcuker hope he dosnt go down hope he gets it while he's out and about and spends the rest of his life looking over his shoulder wondering when it's coming again! Put fear in the man
  11. Club-Sp Clu-Briter Sport - 1000 Lumens

    Thats what it says in the description on the website even if it dose do that I wouldn't see that far even with my specs I don't think.
  12. Club-Sp Clu-Briter Sport - 1000 Lumens

    Fcuk me!!! I'll have to sell a kidney or the kids for that!! I'll stick with d lloyd I think
  13. Some people....... Don't deserve a dog it's all about profit for some fcukers
  14. On The Rabbits With Johnrussel

    Good effort well done 🖒🖒
  15. Club-Sp Clu-Briter Sport - 1000 Lumens

    Cheers buddy I was looking at the plr 500 then this one caught my eye. I was wondering about the beam and how wide it would be. Cheers for the advice pal