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  1. Still looking for the right stud

    What's its nose like?
  2. Still looking for the right stud

    That bloody thing keeps popping up ..... I know it was 800 years of quality breeding but I don't like the colour of the eyes
  3. That's it

    Swap it for some 110s
  4. That's it

    Thats true but don't worrie soon be time for people to start selling dogs on now
  5. That's it

    Bad times bud least it' not the start of the season
  6. Beddy cross

    He's keen on chicken balls and Singapore vermicelli not sure his guts is so keen though!! O and he loves abit of cheese aswell .......... story behind that one..... father in law grated a plate full of cheese turned round for no more then 20 seconds and it was gone I thought it was hilarious watching him chase him round and the dog think it was a game ....... the dog is now band from there house 😂😂😂 untill further notice
  7. Beddy cross

    My old bull x could move planets if he wanted to he was Gandalf Lines with a bit of Harry potter in there
  8. Beddy cross

    O yeah brick walls fall down if he even looks at them and mountains move in there in his way
  9. Beddy cross

    Best beddy x anyone will ever cast there eye on this boy ....... can nail a Chinese in less then 5 seconds if you look away Can chase down any ball chucked for him Can and will jump up and claw your face Heart of a lion while ripping up the daughters favorate teddy What more could you ask for 😂😂
  10. Beddy cross

    On my first beddy x he's a nice smooth coat only seen him shivering once and that was at -6 On the morning walk. What he's going to work like is any man' guess he' still a pup not seen many beddy x where I am but I've only seen one that was any good the few others had the wrong owner in my opinion. As for breeding it is my opinion that dogs that stand out should be bred from not the run of the mill stuff....... there's plenty of choice about for pups if your willing to travel for the right dog.... but it seems most just want the money and a easy fix to get a pup...... look at the fella on the other thread travelled 16 hours to get his pup that's commitment to his Sport
  11. Exercising lurchers during the summer

    Get yourself down to jd pick up some 110's and trackys and keep hunting be well away then
  12. Border collie stud dogs

    Never had one and probably never will don' fancy lining the pocket of a peddler but some really rate his dogs there like marmite
  13. Border collie stud dogs

    Controversial comment but have you looked at hancock?
  14. My Pup I Bred Growing Fast

    Yeah he' doing good mate starting to show muscle properly now..... nah I'll just spend the summer doing more training and getting him nice and fit don' want any accidents for his first season so get him fit and train him well and I imagine I'm going to be really picky for the first half of the season on what he runs don't want to go for any old bunny to start
  15. My Pup I Bred Growing Fast

    Cheers bud, they go the right way now he's abit bigger now and his sister is a cracker to