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  1. Lost falcon in NE?

    Anyone lost a falcon in the Cleveland area or know of anyone. I seen one today that's all.
  2. Pest Control

    General pest control for the north east www.exopest.co.uk
  3. Pumpkins 🎃

    Pumpkins are for puffs. Im doing a turnip. Much much harder to carve than a pumpkin so i can shout to the kids "you dont know your born you soft shites" and "when i was a lad we didnt know what a pumpkin was" then moan about having to work a 26 hour day down't pit when i was a lad and coming home to a slice of bread and dripping for mi tea and sleeping in a shoe box int spare room and having to share it with mi 8 brothers as well
  4. They didnt the first time they said they did.
  5. Females.mixed Messages.

    Theres a difference between giving a girl the eye and being an outright pest. Its knowing the difference. Women on the other hand will never be worked out properly, they are unfathomable.
  6. Would You Take The Fence

    Give them chance to square up then take the fence......even if it is more hassle than its worth
  7. And you cant use ULV? its too early to treat anyway, if you treat now there will only be more coming.
  8. Tunnel Trap New To Me.

    Not sure about the make but ive a few flat bottomed duffus kicking about and i like them
  9. ??? never heard anything from you. Presuming its sold. Cheers anyway
  10. ill provisionally take this wezza. obviously need the nv model etc
  11. which photon wezza?
  12. Haha, your probably right earth thrower! I used to use it but i just dont like it and dont particularly rate it either. Give me traps all day
  13. Trap Setting Lesson

    Ive had a call like that, told him to fooook right off. And i never show householders how i set them either. When they watch i turn my back. They can find it on the internet easy enough but im not showing them how to take money from my arse pocket.
  14. great advice by a couple of pros