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  1. Nive mate, absolute joy to shoot arent they
  2. https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/211656 stop further legislation on airgunning
  3. air arms pro sport in 22

    lovely that mate. Always get mine out for a stroke after a few bevvies . Mrs thinks Im nuts
  4. New member from holland

    alright lad, boss forum this.

    thats a lovely looking rifle that
  6. pic of my tuned 95k in 22

    gave mine the once over (took me ftve hours) the other day. Cracking little gun now. Should of got it in 22 though and the prosport in 177 but you live and learn
  7. redbeck shooting supplies

    just received my order mate but thanks anyway. They've got some decent gear on their site to be fair
  8. Lads, anyone got experience of these? Bought a maintenance kit before christmas and paid the express delivery fee but heard nothing back from them yet..had a crap chrimbo so wanted something to cheer me up
  9. Ratting gun

    b****ck ache that mate. I got made redundant on friday as well and just had a nipper 3 weeks ago. Fancied another rifle but thats defo out the window now
  10. Out with the springer

    amazing piece of timber there, can see why you regret letting it go
  11. I gave away a x19 recently to a mate as he's saving up for a pcp. Its a cracking little gun, had quite a few ferals with it to 30 yards. Obviously build quality was suspect but its genuinely decent for the price
  12. Out with the springer

    Lovely looking rifle mate, is that a rowan butt pad on it??
  13. New perm

    my oldest lad still has a perm at talycafn which isnt to far away. prettiest looking place in the country. Would love to move back but married a cockney bird and she says its too far north.....
  14. New perm

    there lots of pheasants around there lad...not that I've ever poached any mind you ahem.....
  15. New perm

    spent 20 years shooting around that neck of the woods. Loads of corvids and bunnies around there. Enjoy it