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  1. stecorr

    Free stuff........

    I once shot a woodie with a prometheus, it went straight through its nut and got a second one in the neck, both dropped like stones. It was about fifteen yards away, anything further and they were a bit unpredictable...bloody expensive as well.
  2. stecorr

    Free stuff........

    so that sling plate was custom made. If anyone decides to make more put me down for two.....
  3. stecorr

    Got my new scope

    very nice mate
  4. stecorr

    Big Mac's famous Airsporter !

    one of the all time greats, never owned one personally but was always first to ask 'giz a go of that' when one came out
  5. stecorr

    Airgun gear show now gone

    yes mate https:/www.airgunbook.com
  6. stecorr

    Airgun gear show now gone

    sorry davey just read your post. i thought I was the only cool cat who use the algorithims bit
  7. stecorr

    Airgun gear show now gone

    youtube have put out an algorithim with gun in the search so various sites are going because of those horrible school shootings in the US. Same for facebook, which I dont use so couldnt give a toss. They will be allowed back on as long as its not shooting ar15's and the such like. Theres a new site called airgunbook started by a uk target shooter which is gathering pace btw
  8. Nive mate, absolute joy to shoot arent they
  9. https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/211656 stop further legislation on airgunning
  10. stecorr

    air arms pro sport in 22

    lovely that mate. Always get mine out for a stroke after a few bevvies . Mrs thinks Im nuts
  11. stecorr

    New member from holland

    alright lad, boss forum this.
  12. stecorr


    thats a lovely looking rifle that
  13. stecorr

    pic of my tuned 95k in 22

    gave mine the once over (took me ftve hours) the other day. Cracking little gun now. Should of got it in 22 though and the prosport in 177 but you live and learn
  14. stecorr

    redbeck shooting supplies

    just received my order mate but thanks anyway. They've got some decent gear on their site to be fair
  15. Lads, anyone got experience of these? Bought a maintenance kit before christmas and paid the express delivery fee but heard nothing back from them yet..had a crap chrimbo so wanted something to cheer me up