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  1. Mixy " Disgusts and infuriates me "

    Philip Larkin wrote a poem called Myxamatosis. Bigmac's post reminded me of it: Myxomatosis by Philip Larkin Caught in the centre of a soundless field While hot inexplicable hours go by What trap is this? Where were its teeth concealed? You seem to ask. I make a sharp reply, Then clean my stick. I’m glad I can’t explain Just in what jaws you were to supperate: You may have thought things would come right again If you could only keep quite still and wait.
  2. Which is best? HW97 or TX200HC

    I love my 97 but I do find I've got to be very chilled to get the best out of it. Any distracting thoughts or uptight vibes and I'm wide of the mark. I guess that's less true of a PCP or a highly tuned springer.
  3. Mole catcher featured in Country Life, mag

    Its when you have to go out carrying an injury: sprains, ligaments, joints, knees, ankles. Hobbling down some garden, trying to be polite as the customer asks if moles can climb trees as well, and you're in a cold sweat because every step is frigging agony... Then the best job on earth can be hell on earth. (And I count mole catching as being up there with the best... On a good day!)
  4. Mole catcher featured in Country Life, mag

    Very well put. You're right. The real art in molecatching is making a viable business out of it.
  5. Mole catcher featured in Country Life, mag

    Lol me too. The one that gets my back up are self anointed 'gurus' who start up these 'trade associations' which are really only about self promotion at the expense of others in the form of subscriptions. Or am I being cynical?
  6. Mole catcher featured in Country Life, mag

    What sort of downside?
  7. Mole catcher featured in Country Life, mag

    I wish him no ill-will. I don't think ours is a game that can really be taught, anyway. You only learn it through getting your hands dirty. JN has done a lot to raise the public profile of the mole catcher: I'm grateful for that.
  8. Interesting thread. Culling cormorants on a fishery would be a great gig to get. Are they a threatened species? Seems crazy there isn't a general licence for locations where they're causing economic loss.
  9. Mole catcher featured in Country Life, mag

    I bought one of his books years ago. Quite interesting in terms of the history of mole catching, but as a reference on techniques, not worth the paper.
  10. Thats the mole catching well f....d !!

    Im just trying to summon the balls to get out there and try and find some of mine. we got off comparatively lightly here, but that wind chill's going to be a bstard.
  11. Moles and roads

    There are still some c*^%'ts out there who think mole catching is a free service provided by village idiots who are soft in the head. I've had the "how on earth can you charge so much to catch such a small animal" from a solicitor who, in his day, wouldn't have got out of bed for less than £500 an hour. Long live the mole. Live long, lay strong and pile it up.
  12. Moles and roads

    Be a rare event if they did - but they can. Sounds like they've got plenty of worms to hold them on that patch. Get your card in to the landowner.
  13. Airgun gear show now gone

    Pests will always need controlling. It's a fact of life. But YT may decide that footage of it taking place is damaging to the brand. But I suppose that's the way YT has evolved - it's now so mainstream that the powers of this world have started to take note.
  14. Airgun gear show now gone

    don't really understand that. The likes of Robin Foxer and Squirrel Hunter are still up. They show far more despatch than Giles's channel. Wonder whats going on. Is YT cracking down on gun channels?

    Hardly a rabbit on my patch nowadays. Christ, you used see the youngsters jumping in and out of the verges, tons on the fields of a sunny evening, lampers banging way at night. Now, nothing. Even the roadkill is just muntjac and badgers.