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  1. mole traps

    I bought 10 peststop tunnels from Solway Feeders and they all needed tweeks. That said, they were robustly made. Couldn't call them rubbish
  2. Not bad

    it's now £49
  3. Mole Method Statement !!!

    I have twice been asked to sign a 'gagging' document before a mole job which states I will not disclose or discuss anything that I see or hear on site, but never for a method statement. I was told the otherday by the housekeeper for one rich customer to "turn my back" while she entered the combination on a gate lock. Is that land with public access? Or do they have race-horses on it?
  4. Rabbit trapping/snaring

    That was my gut feeling. If there was an actual warren on the permission itself, you could argue that eradicating that would have an impact, but there is no warren. Thanks for your interest.
  5. Rabbit trapping/snaring

    Its about 2 acres comprising a small vineyard, some scrubby trees, a bit of lawn, a bit of long grass. Surrounded by farmland, no proofing, no footpaths. The owners house is at the front of the property.
  6. Rabbit trapping/snaring

    I have achallenging permission in North Essex near Sudbury . The owner wants rabbits cleared off it and I don't have the time to have a serious crack at it due to other commitments. I've tried live catch cage traps to no avail. Are there any snare/trap men or serious shootists that want a go? The owner will pay for good results.
  7. Hw97K.22 £375 Wrexham

    I got one of these in .177 recently, and to be frank, absolutely hated it, and wanted to sell ASAP. Then, during an extended make or break plinking/ counseling session, I realised I was actually in love and wanted to be with her forever.
  8. Charge That Head-Torch!

    My phone has no torch and was in the van on the day in question. I now have 2 head torches which I can charge off the old fag lighter. Next time I go into an unknown void I shall take both with me. I know I've said it before, but I cannot convey just how shit scary it is to be suddenly totally blind, like having your eyes plucked out and having a couple of lumps of coal jammed in the sockets. I went on a 2 day bender afterwards and drank myself into a stupor. I'd be bloody useless in a crisis, that I do now realise.
  9. Sent Out Letters

    Keep plugging away. Once you've got a couple you'll find they start rolling in. Perms are like money; the first million is always hard-won - after that they just keep stacking up!
  10. Sent Out Letters

    Google will let you have 1 free business listing - search 'find my business on Google' and register yourself as a Rabbit Controller or similar. It's free and you never know what might come out of it.
  11. Tunnel Trap New To Me.

    I never use markers where members of the public have access to the land. Indentations on mole hills, strands of wool, white spray paint; anything that'll point me to the spot but won't catch the eye of a footpather. very wise I keep some of them trapline for those area’s, in an on footpaths as they go into the run, and sketch a small plan on notebook roughly where they are, people just can’t leave things alone, I even have a trail camera, I use in area where I expect a problem, never caught anyone with it, but it’s there,I use markers on farm ground that’s not got public access, but push them well into ground, you are nearly on top of them when you see them, Yes, it's always a worry. I trap a church yard that kids walk through on their way to school. My note book has things like 'Duffus rear of Samuel Lane, died 1870.' Got to make those sets invisible. I seldom use a talpex in a location like that - I doubt my Public Liability is equal to the consequences of a curious 5 yr old getting hold of one and slicing his fingers off.
  12. Tunnel Trap New To Me.

    I never use markers where members of the public have access to the land. Indentations on mole hills, strands of wool, white spray paint; anything that'll point me to the spot but won't catch the eye of a footpather.
  13. Got these Pest Stop branded traps from Solway Feeders. Not a design I've seen before. Are they any good? They set and fire ok.
  14. Live Catch Rabbit Traps

    From my own limited experience of cage trapping rabbits and the advice of a farming mate who does a lot of it, it works best in colder weather when natural food sources are less abundant and the pressure is on the bunnies to work harder for their scoff. I had a go in June this year at a vineyard that was poisoned with them, 10 traps out for 5 days on the bounce and caught 1 youngster - useless. I have been told that if you haven't made a catch within 3-4 days to give up - you ain't going to catch a thing. I have had a lot more success in gardens with leaky rabbit proofing where the quarry is a captive audience, so to speak.
  15. Trap Setting Lesson

    Well, here endeth the lesson. The guy had a job lot of tunnel traps but was having no joy. Poor choices made when it came to siting. I think he's one of these people that relishes a challenge but was getting severely frustrated by not catching anything. I gave him some pointers and then just said point blank what my charges would be if I were to catch the moles for him, and end all the heartache. Now the pupil has become the customer. Hopefully he will sell me his traps too! I didn't ask if he had a cellar or a snooker table.