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  1. breeze

    Hopefully get a pup back

    There's a few in there for sure ........ Anyone running a book, I will go for 9
  2. breeze

    Running dog next to bike

    Been brought down in the past myself aswell, by this current bitch I'm running. Cut across a park on way home got the bike into a high gear head down and full belt.... She flew past me but shot right clipping front wheel, went down like a sack of shite... Lol
  3. breeze

    Running dog next to bike

    Always a good way to get a few miles into a dog with a bike I find. You can go twice as far in half the time compared to walking. I usually go along a canal towpath so dog is off the lead and can go at its own pace. Handy when they stop for a pee, keep on going so they get the odd sprint mixed in to catch you up
  4. John.... I never said that they were "Genuine" collie greyhounds , To me there just Collie greyhound "Types" as that's what's mainly in there make up, nowt wrong with that...... Or is there ???? No ive had a quick think about it and there's definately nothing wrong with calling them Types .....lol
  5. Aubrey Fryers line ?? Maybe about 30 odd year ago John
  6. breeze

    Introducing Heidi

    Tidy looking bitch Vicky, sounds like she's doing you proud What's her breeding ?
  7. Shaaark..... Are you still keeping the odd collie type mate.?
  8. Marsh lad..... Wow them first two pictures are crackers mate, your handy with a camera aint ya mate
  9. Lovely looking bitch Poxon
  10. breeze

    Bobby Robson

    Be worth a watch that Max
  11. breeze

    Next seasons runners

    Pointer always comes to my mind with the colouration in the front legs especially... Nice youngster all the same Wales
  12. breeze

    Swollen face

    Str..... Yea was gonna say the same
  13. breeze

    Swollen face

    Been stung maybe ??
  14. breeze

    The green green grass of home

    That ain't a tail.... It's a flag
  15. breeze

    Acd x greyhound

    Cheers mate.... Lovely looking back on the old pic's. Keep them coming