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  1. Out again last night

    good going lad nice rifles and kit.
  2. Getting the smell of fox of your hands

    they have no place in the hunting community if they are doing that simple.
  3. Season finished

    i have blew out the heart of a fox before he ran for 20 yards but ran dead sometimes they run as their muscle memory takes over, most cases have being runners but they are dead and just fall over i always aim for the center mass of a fox heart and lung shot never go for a head shot as i fear i will blow off a jaw and worse it will starve to death at least when i aim for center mass its more forgiving.
  4. Season finished

    i do pull shots i'm human every body misses but only to see a fox run away healthy and not wounded and to become educated, 220 is a flat round and would knock a fox on his arse so i don't know pal even the hydro-static shock of the 220 swift would kill a fox out right., call a spade a spade here like there is some sort of stigma but f**k it trying to explain something here is like flogging a dead horse.
  5. Season finished

    like a flogging a dead horse.
  6. Getting the smell of fox of your hands

    mother earths hand wipes good old fashioned grass and wipe away its the smell of success.
  7. Season finished

    ok i have shot foxes with a shotgun using lead bb's in a heavy load, 223 ballistic tip bullets and 243 soft points designed for expansion and quick kills and i never had a leg blown off i aim for the engine room or front on, so i dont know what you have shot foxes with before but its sounds like you are telling porkies mate.
  8. Season finished

    every method if done right is effective no matter what discipline you are involved in.
  9. Season finished

    i can assure any fox i shoot with the 243 is on the spot dead and dead before it hits ground its a very powerful round and the stopping power is humane for dispatching foxes.
  10. Season finished

    just decided to give it up and try something new, when i married i moved in to the new parish got settled and bought 2 terrier's one a full bred jack Russell and a border terrier had full intentions to dig them but i just took up shooting i still use them for shooting and they love it, i still go on the odd dig with mates it brings me back to my young days.
  11. Big vixen

    sweet jaysus the size of that vixen look very butch how you finding the weatherby vanguard 2 have one 243 absolute cracking rifle shocking out of the box accuracy
  12. Season finished

    to be fare i used to dig foxes when i was young but i still stick to the principles of vermin control come cubbing season i left them be but if a problem fox was causing grief it went along with the cubs, now i pick the rifle because its quick and humane i have poults to protect and farmers to help out, not here argue but every man to his own i think and if a man wants to shoot them let him be we're all on the same boat here.
  13. Season finished

    OK what ever you say.
  14. Season finished

    Other lads have mentioned the use of firearms when controlling foxes y aren't you attacking them listen here you little keyboard warrior I'm no idiot the only idiot here is you, your attacking a person that has a different way of hunting your a moron simple.