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  1. How to get rid of notifications!

    this could be the issue but i dont know how to disable it. also you might have to manually go back to the threads you posted in and disable from there,thats a long winded way of sorting it out
  2. Buzzed by an Apache !

    well and truly smoked lol
  3. Wolf on the loose

    this could happen now https://www.ctvnews.ca/canada/hunter-shoots-woman-s-husky-in-alberta-after-mistaking-it-for-wolf-1.3764533
  4. Wolf on the loose

    just waiting for a old cougar to be on the loose in essex
  5. Sadiq khan's S.hole London

    london was a $hithole years ago its never got any better and never will
  6. land rover defender 70th edition

    yup mate
  7. land rover defender 70th edition

    just released the new defender to celebrate 70 years http://www.wheels24.co.za/OffRoad_and_4x4/Bakkie_and_SUV/land-rover-unveils-v8-edition-to-celebrate-70-years-of-defender-20180117 i need to win the lottery
  8. working class white men. ch4.

    part 2 was shown tonight
  9. Buzzed by an Apache !

    maybe someone was test driving this one https://www.aircraftcompare.com/helicopter-airplane/Boeing-AH-64D-Apache-Longbow/263 anyone got any loose change ??
  10. Wild boar bit mans fingertip off

    i aint no canuck mate,i might try to be a redneck every now and then
  11. Wild boar bit mans fingertip off

    i wonder if i am allowed in the states?? i do like the lay of the land down your way,makes a bit of a change from stubble fields
  12. Winter boots

    plenty on ebay.com for the price you are after
  13. Winter boots

    you need to find a shop in europe like this http://www.ex-mod-textiles.com/shop/footwear.html
  14. Wild boar bit mans fingertip off

    the damn things eat the deer also,well they eat anything that gets in their way shoot em,shoot em all
  15. Sugar high

    stop now lol pork pies and salad cream poured over the top OMG if this carries on i will be flying back home