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  1. My Hunting Set Up For This Year...pic Heavy Warning

    went back up into the forestry yesterday temp -19c wind chill -29c humidity 75% dammmmmmmmmmmmmmmm cold i screwed up major,i put a cam up wednesday and didnt click the sd card in properly,so no pics totally gutted. i was there from 12.30 til 4.30,tapped at 4.30 due to the cold,lost the feeling him my feet. i had around 8 does and 6 spiker bucks come and go.one deer i am assuming was an older buck,stopped short behind a tree,didnt get to see his rack. one deer must of been 10 yds from me in the front of the blind lol since this blind i am using is my mates i have just ordered my own for next year.managed to get a rhino blind shipped from the states for $250 CAD. do any of you use hunting blinds over there?
  2. Another side to Muslims.

    ban all religion and the world wouldnt be is the fckng mess
  3. Clothes

    ha your still up as you are this side of the pond
  4. Clothes

    i still have my retro suede vans,these are from 2008. seen some drunkenness in those years gone by love em.
  5. Clothes

    but women wearing Christian Louboutin high heels is a love of mine
  6. Clothes

  7. Clothes

    you was in prague last week!!! any chance you could buy me a hunting blind while you are in the states and ship it to me LOL canada is a rip off for buying shite
  8. Clothes

    you in canada? i buy direct from carhartt in the states,buy from the clearance section and bargains can be had. marks work wear is a rip off. the carhartt jacket i have just bought is $250 CAD,i got it from carhartt usa for $80
  9. Clothes

    i have loads of quicksilver/vans jumpers,shirts and jackets which have lasted over 10yrs. jeans i now buy when i find them,tommy hilfilger.these are good jeans. work jeans i buy the 'rustler' $17 pair from walmart and they last 6 months,but they do get a right good hammering. i have just now started to buy carhartt hoodies and work jacket.this stuff is yankee and but good kit.
  10. My Hunting Set Up For This Year...pic Heavy Warning

    right o was out early this morning with work as we had 3 inches of snow.so early finish. headed back up into the forestry again because the deer normally bed down when its snows then come out when it finishes and feed hard. so there is a pic of the bait just completely licked AGAIN.monday i threw down 100lb of feed and its gone again. you might see how its just flattened by deer tracks also. these pics give you an idea that this is up close and in the deers faces hunting. the buck that came in (several times today) is 30 yards from me,i can hear him crunching down the soya beans. todays temp -18c wind chill -24c humidity 85% time to hang up my hunting mankini. my mate who's hunting spot this is,has now passed it over to me.i am NOW using his hunting blind for cover(this is a god send to be out of the wind) and i have stuck one of his cams up so you will be getting pics from here sunday ish. 4 does came in skittishly,that buck just fckn waltzed right in and started feeding and there was one deer i just couldnt quite get a gander on its head. weather for the week......10cm of snow due thursday evening/friday morning.so back up there either friday afternoon or defo all day saturday
  11. My Hunting Set Up For This Year...pic Heavy Warning

    ok top pic,i found this in a field,my mate had been trying to hunt it dow.i found it around 8 miles from his hunt site 2nd pic is from my mates Gpa's basement wall.he has hooow many like that. 3rd pic is another mates monster buck,this mount is at my house lol 4th pic is my mates rather large buck,he also has a basement full of mounts. i know he hasnt shot a deer now for 3 yrs as he hasnt seen anything big enough to shoot
  12. My Hunting Set Up For This Year...pic Heavy Warning

    he is a nice buck,he isnt huge,he is huge for what i get to see. i will get some pics of some hunters deer mounts and post em up. sask does have some huge whiteys and people are always wanting to hunt over here.
  13. My Hunting Set Up For This Year...pic Heavy Warning

    ok i headed back up into the forestry again today as it was a holiday over here. i threw down 200lb of grain on saturday and there wasnt a grain left. so threw down another 200lb and sat there. got there around 2.30pm -4c and humidity around 80%,sunny ish. just after 3pm a doe rocked up,bit skittish,she had a brief nibble and off she went. 3.45pm i caught a quick glimpse of a buck,he then pulled up for some feed.he was a small not formed 4 pointer. he was happy feeding and looking at me every now and then.i am around 50 yards from the bait,sitting on the ground under a tree. he then trotted off in the direction of the doe. 4.15pm i caught another glimpse of another buck.he used the same trail as the other one.but this bugger was a bigger set. very long 4 pointer,just like the one in the second pic i posted sunday.so i was going to pull the trigger on this one. damn thing kept in the trees and i couldnt get a clear shot,he even didnt bother coming to feed either. that was that. just had a call from an elderly farmer friend who has just changed the SD card in his cam and coundnt figure out how to read the pics. here is what he has coming into his bait amongst all the small bucks,does and elk. this guy is damn impressive,nice 5x5. i told the farmer to plug him,if he doesnt i will most certainly do it for him lol
  14. Christmas Adverts

    atleast its still called christmas over there it annoys the living $hit out of me over here when its the 'holiday' season