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  1. Big Cat Sighting

    just throwing it out there thinking outside the box
  2. Big Cat Sighting

    bears skin animals like that
  3. Guilty Of Sending An Offensive Message

    just dont go thinking those nasty thoughts anymore the thought police will be around knockin on ya door i need to fly back for a week and see how many times i can get fckn nicked

    i have enjoyed watching arsenal over the past how many years. the past few years wenger has been getting shite from the fans. just go on arsenaltv on twitter for a laff he has been a successful manager. end of another era in english football
  5. On the sick

    i wish my missus looked that stressed out
  6. First Swallow

    we still have 2 feet or more of snow lying around the crows made an appearance just over a week ago and now past few days the canadian geese are flighting north. we actually had a plus day/evening it got upto +5c and sunny,i was actually in just a t shirt and jeans
  7. crazy mo fo

    i shake my head in dis belief
  8. WW3

    annnnd fixed it for you
  9. WW3

  10. WW3

    and this now appears on youtube
  11. check with the landowner to see if anyone else has access to that land pull the card/ batteries and leave him a note to contact you if the landowner says no one else has permission. stick another cam up from his,so you get a pic of the fckr just in case he doesnt contact you. but i would defo check with the landowner first,you just never know. you might have the stalking rights but does someone have the vermin rights. i have encountered this were i was vermin controlling on land i had permission but i didnt know the land owner didnt have the game rights,this becomes an issue when you meet a fellow with a rifle stalking deer.
  12. Your Trail cam pics

    well bugger thought you might of shifted a few on here. was interested to see the price etc ah well cheers for reply
  13. Your Trail cam pics

    hey mackem what ever happened to all those cams you bought?
  14. Knife and gun crime

    cant have enough rifles mate not sure about the women thou