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  1. Mission successful...a promise honoured..

    That's a proper friend. Good on you Phil.
  2. New pup on its way

    The grandmother looks very smart. Has a similar look to Wales1234 blue bitch.
  3. Not bad

    Yer it was clear, bit bright, very still and very cold. . . . oh and fog kept rolling in lol. Rolled into bed about 3am. Good night though.
  4. How to go about getting new permission?

    Its funny how many farmers I meet say, they wouldn't and if folks just asked! So its funny how you can drop lucky. Fail that, become a farmer, worked for me! Bit of a roundabout way of doing it though.
  5. Bloody Dogs

    That's good news! Been trying to pm you, but your inbox is full. After your number to pick your brains.
  6. Rabbiting Dogs

    Best two rabbiting dogs I've owned have been a whippet and a half x bull/grey. So that shows something!
  7. Using Walker Hounds for Running Deer

    What do you hunt with them and how? I.E flush to rifle / shotgun? Bring to bay? Or pull down?
  8. Bloody Dogs

    He's a bloody good man to see. I trust his opinion, and respect his work. Been talking to him, and he reckons if I get the old bitch properly rested, even with the ligament totally severed, and the foot remaining flat, if I build her back up to fitness and health properly and keep the nails on that foot short, she hopefully will eventually run well enough. Whether it would be well enough to run as she usually does and catch her quarry like normal, we shall see. Fingers crossed.
  9. Bloody Dogs

    Old bitch is just climbing the walls already lol. Young bitch (I think) looks a bit brighter, she's still a funny shape, swollen, and walks like she's been hit by a bus lol. But she's hard as nails.
  10. Bloody Dogs

    Aye, fingers crossed. This vet knows the score though! But the young bitch is by far the toughest dog I've owned. She didn't make a sound when she smashed herself and hits everything full tilt with no care for her safety. Stressful to say the least.
  11. Bloody Dogs

    Well, Ive had a moan to everyone else, so I might as well have a moan on here, like old times. Had both the dogs at the vet / bone man this morning, hour and a bit drive each way, down to Uxbridge outside London, but worth it to see a top guy. Always reassuring when most of the dogs in the waiting room are running dogs. Anyway, both bitches have had a fairly hard few weeks, both have really been pleasing me. They are quite different dogs, they can do a lot of the same things, but have their own specialities, which they were nailing. As usual, pride comes before a fall. Old bitch cut her back leg on the flint, a lot of blood, held it up a bit but was walking about within a day and then after a couple of weeks seemed fine and carried on running her. Noticed she's become very flat footed on the one back leg, the one she cut. Normally has feet like a cat. Anyway, she's severed a ligament, so is off for rest of reason and will always be flatfooted now. Hopefully she will run well enough when its healed, but the ligament wont rejoin, so who knows? Young bitch is extremely lucky. Totally my fault and feel very very guilty, slipped her on something at a place I'd told myself not to, and she decided to jump off the top of a 20 plus foot quarry. Didn't fall, paused at the top and just leapt out into space. Luckily she hit a tree on the way down, which slowed her fall a bit. Very bruised, two sprained back legs. Possible lung damage and internal abdominal bleed. Shame as she has been on fire last couple of weeks especially. However she very nearly didn't come home, so i'm thankful for that, got to see how she goes over the next few days. So that's a right shitter. Especially at this time of the year, with all of the shooting ground about to open up and febuary always being our busiest month of hunting. Had a couple of offers of dogs from friends, so my season might not be over yet, but gutted about my two.
  12. Mooch on Dartmoor

    Yes he’s great, he’s a vet and a bone man, I’ve used him for years and used to drive down from wales. He’s helped me a lot over the time and is very realistic and understanding. He’s meant to be one of the top greyhound vets in the country.
  13. Mooch on Dartmoor

    I genuinely don’t believe it’s like the fields I’m thinking of. They crunch as you walk over them, and even the collie regularly get laid of by them. Yet to see a lurcher have one run across them and then get another run. Daniel d in Uxbridge.
  14. Mooch on Dartmoor

    It can’t be like the few fields up here we are talking about ken. Ive seen a few dogs try to have a spin across them and all of the dogs have ended up slashed to ribbons. lots of fields just have a bit and they are ok, I run them a lot, but the bad ones I just steer well clear of now! But I’ll happily come down, would be good to see you. Both dogs currently in sick bay, old dog has damaged something in a back leg and young bitch jumped off the top of a 20foot plus quarry last night after something and has given her self a fair knock! Bone man Friday!
  15. Trying to work things out

    Unfortunatly they make the most noise often. Live and let live though I guess. They probably catch a lot more than I do as well lol.