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  1. Lead Training

    If that's what you like mate, each to their own.
  2. Lead Training

    I'm hoping i can get her doing a bit
  3. Lead Training

    I got a staffy x mate, not my choice but.. I had a border terrier a right beaut he was good as gold trained quite well but he passed away at 2
  4. Lead Training

    Had a good day on lead today not got a long line yet only got 2mm line and it seems too thin and on the video posted the guy used 4 mm The only issue I encountered today was a group 2 blokes a couple of women and some young teen girls. I was ooh ing along minding my own business when this group appeared, I'm walking towards them and h when they get to about 20 ft from me they start fussing about the pup. I advised them to ignore her until she looks settled then if they like they can stroke her. The group almost upon us now seem to have ignore my plea and a bloke now 3 ft away from me talking in a baby voice with his arms wide ready to embrace my dog says It's ok! No it f***ing ain't pal (I wish I'd said) I explain it wasn't behaviour that I wanted because I havea young son at home. I upon saying this received the filthiest look from upon all of the group. where do people get off thinking it's ok to approach a strangers dog amd do what you f***ing well please!!!
  5. Lead Training

    It's just so easy to make mistakes it seems. Especially when all you want is the best for your pup.
  6. Lead Training

    I walk different routes and different terrain but I don't drive so all local. How long a line? Never used one before? I would say I am a boring git, dog doesnt seem to give a f**k unless I'm out of sight. does anyone pay attention to actual recommended excercise times for 4 m nth old pup, 20 minutes.
  7. Lead Training

    I guess it comes down to the training you choose but I'm picky too. The pup is only 14 was and I feel I'm asking too much of her but.. Some people say don't let the dog walk in front and some say otherwise I'd be happy with by my side and alert to my movement but accomplishing it is a bit more tricky.
  8. I know it's trivial to some but when your dog is on the lead and your trainig (14 week old puppy) do you A) let the dog walk where ever he likes as long as he isn't pulling or lagging behind walk out in front as long as he isn't pulling C, ensuring he walks behind you.
  9. Training Techniques

    I have seen avid readers of hat book out and about.
  10. Training Techniques

    Makes sense casso cheers
  11. Training Techniques

    Anyone any advice with a chronic biter/nipper when the nipping starts the dog isn't for telling no to so I beleive my only option is to crate until calm or relatively calm.
  12. Never had one but love the look of the breed all the best.
  13. Who Feeds What??

    Staff cross this one she's looking much better for the extra meal