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  1. Telemetry

    Has any one used the gts 200 gps telemetry is so is it any good thanks Ian
  2. New Rescue Bird New Falconer

    Thank you very much vin I appreciate the kind words and I can't wait to get out with her and will put some picks up [BANNED TEXT] she on her first bunny
  3. New Rescue Bird New Falconer

    Yes buddy I have bean thinking that has well and kind of hoping that to I have just fell in love with this bird and Worry about her all day lol I guess I have just bean a summing the worst with how bad she has been treated in the past I do have a mentor but it's hard for him to get up to me all the time with work but he is coming up today and the kiel is what I have bean asking about and he said that he is going to show me lol
  4. New Rescue Bird New Falconer

    Hi fuggytail thank you and I will do
  5. New Rescue Bird New Falconer

    Hi David yes I did now that to be fair I was just looking at how other people would do it with a bird that they new nothing about and was wondering if any body would worry about diet and and stuff like that .and yes I no I spent a great deal ov money already on all sorts and telemetry is on the way lol .I have bean doing some digging in to the back ground of the bird and found out that she is name beauty and was born in Derbyshire in 2003 and that the guy lied about its age and how long it has bean free lofted for I have bean working with her none stop and she is doing OK but not what I would call great she is great in doors and will fly to the fist but she has some bad traits [BANNED TEXT] out side on the bow she doesn't want to no at all she bates a lot [BANNED TEXT] approached I have got her wait down to 2lb 10.5 so she has lost 5 Oz but she is still not responding to well out side I think it may be the fact that she has bean locked away for so long and I'm not sure if her age is something to do with the fact that it has imprinted in her head any thoughts would be greatly appreciated regards ian
  6. Need Help Fitting Telemetry

    Thanks rowan appreciate that buddy
  7. Need Help Fitting Telemetry

    Any one on hear close to Dudley in the West Midlands no how to fit telemetry is so could you help need one fitting never put one on before and don't want to damage the birds fethers thanks Ian
  8. My First Hawk...

    Thank you buddy I appreciate that and I no what you are saying about asking for help on Wight contol on this sight not a good thing to ask basics on hear lol should of worded it better lol but my spelling and grammar is not to good lol I have over 3000 acres of land only an hour from me so I am very blest in that respect my mother in law lives in Wales and no.s lots ov farmers that are Moor than welcome me on there land . I am a little pissed off has well has I have spent over £ 200 on new gear for her over a week ago lures and bells and loads stuff but still no show yet think I need to get on the phone to them much appreciated advice thank you ian
  9. My First Hawk...

    Haha I no what you are saying buddy and I want to hunt with her I am blest with lots of land and quary to go at and to be fair to my mate / mentor lol what we are doing is working i have had her 2 weeks and is now at 2lb 13.5 Oz and responding well to feeding on the fist with step ups from the bow to fist and across the room I am feeding docs at the minute but to be fair I think the amount of reading I am doing i am questioning everything I am doing just makeing sure I don't do things wrong lol think I am just over thinking things lol
  10. My First Hawk...

    Hi buddy thanks you for the advice that is what I have done so far and she is getting better by the day and I agree to finding her home with someone that no.s about birds but I haven't done this likely I have a mentor that is a massive help and I have been round birds for some 2 years or so and have read many books so I am not a complete novice and I have a good home for her if this doesn't work and I am the boss so to speak [BANNED TEXT] it comes to the bird I have no fear of her at all .but main problem is food I don't want to drop her wait to quickly I have no idea what she was fed before and just wanted to no what everyone else would do in my situation thanks for the reply ian
  11. New Rescue Bird New Falconer

    Hi just joined the group and would like to say hi and to pick the brains of what I can see are some very good guys .will start off with saying that I need help .I have had been thinking of getting bop for quite some number of years but work and time always stopped me I have been out on the hunt with friends a number of times and have helped out with the birds where I can but resently [BANNED TEXT] working at a house I found a big fhh that was being mistreated she had no water and what looked like a years supply ov bones and shit on the floor long story I no but in the end I couldn't walk away so with some cash perswaded the owner to let me take her back I could not leave her there it was wild very it took my mate a guy that has had hh for over ten years a good ten mins to catch her and put her in the travle box I have built her a not to bad temporary mews in the garage and put her on a bow perch and spent a few days with her I have managed to get a weight and she is 2lb 15.5 Oz a big bird and very lively but what I really wanted to no is how to I get her to a flying wait not noting anything about her or I don't want to reduce food to quick has to make things worse that way plz any help would be appreciated my friend helps out loads but I have read that many difrent things I am at a loss to what is right hope you guys don't mind and any help will be greatly appreciated sorry for the bad spelling not to good with that thanks all ian
  12. My First Hawk...

    hi all sorry to post on this guys page .nice bird by the way I am new to this site and looking for help .I have been looking in to getting a bop for a few years now and and not rush in to it like most has the time has not been right to take bird on with work but I resently found a bird that was not being cared for just left in a shed with food thrown in on the floor to cut a long story short I gave in for the well being of the bird and took the bird on with only trips out with friends and reading books no other trying for my self so to speak I have got the bird home and done my best to make her a home I have waigh her and she is just shy ov the 3lb mark she is a reel big bird with that is showing sighns ov being a good bird I have gone threw the motions ov our her some love and she is now siting on the glove and but very nervous I have her jumping from the bow to hand for food but she is very timid one day she is fine another not so good at all she is a fhh at 2lb 15.5 any help with tips on her wiaght controll would be much appreciated I don't now what the idiot before me has done to her so I don't want to take to much food away from her and do any damage to her that way please help ian